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Zmanda @ Oracle OpenWorld 2010
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If you are coming to this year’s Oracle OpenWorld 2010, please do visit us at Booth #3824.

We will have our backup solution experts at the show to discuss any of your database or infrastructure backup needs.

When it comes to backing up various products offered by Oracle, we have several solutions:

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Windows XP -> Cloud -> Windows 7
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We recently added support for Windows 7 to both Zmanda Cloud Backup and Amanda Enterprise. Zmanda Cloud Backup stores its backup archives on the Amazon S3 Storage Cloud. Amanda Enterprise has the option to do so. Users can backup both the Windows file systems and system state, as well as various Microsoft applications, Oracle and MySQL databases. Now we support all Windows versions supported by Microsoft, including Windows 7.

To upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, Microsoft recommends users to backup their Windows XP to external hard disk and then install Windows 7. Backup to (and Restore from) Cloud offers another

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Our price increased today. Now we are one-tenth the cost of Symantec.
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Today we increased price for the Amanda Enterprise Backup Server. The new price for our Standard subscription level is $500 per year. Our online store is a place to quickly checkout prices for all our products on a single page. This price increase was done in conjunction with release of Amanda Enterprise 3.0, which represents several man years of R&D on the backup server, including advanced media management such as D2D2T. Our subscription provides access to software and enterprise-class support.

Amanda Enterprise is used by businesses of all shapes and sizes. But a typical scenario is the following:

  • Backup Server on Linux
  • One tape library with one or two tape drives. Or VTL on a NAS device.
  • A mix of Linux &
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Get to know Zmanda!
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In past few quarters Zmanda has been growing at a break-neck pace. This has transformed us in many different ways. In the past 12 months, we have almost quadrupled our customer base (which is now in 40 countries!), introduced our third product line (Zmanda Internet Backup) and built new relationships with some of the leading IT infrastructure providers in the world.

These changes merit a fresh introduction. Some of you have openly wondered about who we are. Well, here is your chance to hear directly from us. Join us for a webinar on December 17th at 10AM (Pacific Time), titled:

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Data Protection for Today’s Economy: Amber Road and Zmanda
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Today Sun announced the new 7000 line (aka Amber Road) of open storage appliances. Amber Road runs OpenSolaris and ZFS on industry-standard x86 hardware and includes innovative management software developed by Sun’s FISHworks (Fully Integrated Software and Hardware) group.

Our engineers worked along with Sun’s technologists on Amber Road in Sun’s labs for past few weeks, and today we are announcing support for Amber Road with both of our products Amanda Enterprise and Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL.

Amber Road is another example of innovation and value created by combination of open source and open systems. Combine  Amber Road with Zmanda’s open source backup products

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Vyatta: From Homegrown Backup Scripts to Amanda Enterprise
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Vyatta has rocked the networking world by developing the first commercially supported, open source router and firewall solution. Ambitions of changing the rules of the game of a huge industry, come with very critical data - which doubles in size every year! They also come with a very heterogeneous environment:  Fedora, Debian, Red Hat, and Ubuntu - well, as long as it is a Linux distro

Vyatta recognized the need for a formal backup solution to replace the homegrown backup scripts, and chose Amanda Enterprise. Amanda backs up terabytes of Vyatta’s data spread across web sites, e-mail server, source-code repository, databases, and user files. Here is the full story.

OpenSolaris, ZFS and Amanda
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I attended OpenSolaris Storage Summit last weekend.  There are lot of efforts going on to make OpenSolaris into a feature rich storage operating system.  Some of the projects that are relevant to backup are NDMP, Storage de-duplication, Virus scanning, Disk encryption and ZFS hybrid storage pools.

I talked about Amanda network backup and recovery and how well it fits with OpenSolaris and ZFS plans. Amanda can backup ZFS filesystems taking advantage of ZFS snapshots. ZFS snapshots provides the ability to backup open files in Open Solaris. Amanda 2.6.1alpha OpenSolaris packages that are available for download takes advantage of this feature.  Amanda can also take advantage of

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Simplify storage provisioning for backup to disk with Amanda using Solaris ZFS
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First, the announcement. On September 21st at 11:30am our VP of engineering Paddy Sreenivasan will talk at OpenSolaris Storage Summit in Santa Clara about Open Source backup software Amanda for OpenSolaris.

Now the news. Sun just published Sun Fire x4540 as Backup Server for Amanda Enterprise backup software quick-start guide on BigAdmin system administration portal. The guide provides an introduction to configuring the Sun Fire X4540 server as a backup server for backup to disk. The specific examples for configuring the zpool and ZFS file systems on the Solaris 10 illustrate how easy it is to provision high-capacity storage for backup to disk. The Zmanda

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Amanda Delivers Windows Backup and Recovery to Community
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Latest Version Leverages Windows Volume Shadow Service (VSS) to Backup Open Files and Open Standard Formats for Data Compression and Encryption.

The Amanda Project, a ZmandaTM sponsored and community-supported open source collaboration, announces the availability of Amanda 2.6.0p2. This latest version provides open file backup and recovery for Windows XP, Vista desktops and laptops and Windows 2003, 2008 servers, enabling system administrators to perform backup without impacting users and applications. By leveraging the standard zip format for backup images, Amanda 2.6.0p2 gives users the flexibility to recover their data with or without Amanda software. This version, complete with a Windows Installer and a 15-minute configuration guide, is available for free download. With this Zmanda-led release, Amanda further extends its leadership as the most comprehensive and popular open source

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Oracle: Protected by Zmanda!
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We announced support for Oracle today. Specifically, Amanda Enterprise now protects:

  • Oracle 11g on Windows
  • Oracle 10g and 11g on Linux and Solaris
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux

On Linux and Solaris, we took the approach of integrating Amanda with RMAN. Keeping with Amanda’s philosophy of using native tools as closely as possible, we allow Oracle DBAs to perform recovery right from within Oracle Enterprise Manager. Amanda takes care of restoring all files needed for a DBA to perform recovery specific to their need (e.g. table level recovery or point-in-time recovery).

For Windows, on recommendation from backup experts at Oracle, we integrated with their new VSS writer. This enables us to take quick snapshot of Oracle

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Open Storage and Open Source Backup - A Perfect Combination
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Today Sun announced release of X4540 Open Storage server (a.k.a Thor). We were fortunate to get early access to Thor to certify Amanda Enterprise and Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL. Both solutions are optimized for backing up to disk, are already certified with Solaris 10, and leverage capabilities of ZFS. So it made perfect sense to certify them on Thor, effectively creating a high-performance and yet relatively inexpensive backup appliance.

The unit we were using is powered by 8 CPUs operating at 2300 MHz and provides 48 SATA drives with total capacity close to 50TB in 4U enclosure. That is good packing; a typical EMC unit with so much capacity will take the whole rack.

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Slides from Red Hat Summit “Open Source Backup” Presentation
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Here are my slides used for presentation at Red Hat Summit in Boston last week:

Zmanda: Open Source Backup (.odp open office format, 1.7MB)

Red Hat Summit in full swing
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The Red Hat Summit started today here in Boston. Based on the evening reception today, it is shaping up to be a pretty good show. I will be speaking at the show on Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 11:30 AM eastern time. I will discuss current state of open source backup as well as where things are headed. We also have a booth located towards the right side of the exhibit floor (by small meeting rooms). We are demonstrating Amanda as well as ZRM for MySQL. Do stop by if you are coming to the show!
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A Snapshot of Snapshots
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Storage Snapshots are excellent tools in arsenal of a system administrator to create quick and consistent backups of their databases and applications. Snapshot is a “picture” of a filesystem at a point-in-time. In most modern snapshot implementations, this “picture” is not a full copy of the data, but rather a set of pointers to the data.

Here is a list of current industry leading snapshot technologies:

  • LVM Snapshots: Snapshot capability built into the Linux Volume Manager (LVM) - the default option on a Linux system.
  • ZFS Snapshots: Snapshot capability built into the ZFS filesystem on Solaris and OpenSolaris
  • NetApp SnapShots: A feature of the WAFL® (Write Anywhere File Layout) filesystem
  • Windows VSS: Volume Shadow Copy Service from Microsoft
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Highly Scalable MySQL Backups using Snapshots (ZFS or NetApp)
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We have been focusing on providing the best possible backup solution for following scenario: 100 GB+ of data stored in MySQL database, Transaction intensive workload (i.e. rapid rate of change of data), with a business requirement to be able to perform point-in-time restoration of the MySQL database. Oh, the solution also needs to take into account that the database can grow to 1TB or more very quickly.

For such a scenario, we believe that the best possible solution today is a combination of:

  • Storage level snapshots - a capability built into ZFS (Solaris), NetApp, LVM (Linux), VxFS, and VSS (Windows)
  • Transaction logs generated by MySQL
  • Point-and-click restore capability provided by Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL
  • Two reports came out today which go into nitty-gritty of above. First is a joint report written by NetApp

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    Webcast - Enterprise Backup to Amazon S3
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    We are hosting a webcast this Wednesday to talk about backing up corporate data to Amazon?s Simple Storage Service (S3) using Amanda Enterprise. We will demonstrate live, how enterprise users can now use Amanda Enterprise to harness Amazon S3 for a complete data backup, archiving and disaster recovery solution. The webcast will take place on Wednesday February 27 at 10:00AM PST and will last about an hour, including a Q&A session at the end. We hope you can join us to discover a new & cost effective way to leverage online storage services such as Amazon S3 as a part of your corporate data protection strategy. Click here to register.

    Do I really need backups?
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    I was reading, this article (subscription required) by Ben Worthen on WSJ about a study on how well companies are prepared for a disaster. I was not at all surprised by (one of) the findings (paraphrased):

    …While 70% of 189 tech leaders surveyed by Forrester Research Inc. said that their companies are prepared for a disaster, the reality was quite different…

    We run into this all the time, in talking to (prospective) customers. People “think” they are prepared for a disaster. The truth hits them when you start peeling the layers of the supposed plan. Some things to keep an eye on are

    • Is it robust and reliable?
    • Do you have the right resources engaged in the plan - both design and implementation?
    • How often are the plans tested?
    • How well is the plan
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    Sexy back(up)
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    Could not resist the title after reading what Matt wrote. Sexy and exciting, indeed. Most of the crew here have their heads buried with the upcoming releases of Amanda Enterprise and Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL. We are continuing to enhance the Management console for Network backup. And with the next release of ZRM for MySQL, backup of MySQL database will never be the same. Dmitri already wrote about how easy it will be to manage MySQL backups from Iphone. Additionally we are fixing stuff in the Management console for ease of use. You can see, touch and feel them at LinuxWorld. Come check us out. And watch

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    Managing backup of MySQL via iPhone
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    Given a chance, I always check www.zmanda.com on different gadgets with various browsers and form factors. As soon as iPhone became available, I was at the Apple store checking out the new device and especially its web browsing capabilities.

    It took me a couple of attempts to type the URL, but then I got it right and I could see our web site, wiki and forums. Everything looked great. Surprisingly, I could see most of the page without too much zooming and moving the window. Our upcoming Management Console for backup and recovery of MySQL is built on a LAMP stack with a look and feel similar to our website. What if we could actually manage all or at least some frequent day to day backup activities of MySQL DBA via iPhone?

    Here at Zmanda we are moving fast, and within a few days we presented to a couple of our customers how to manage MySQL backups via iPhone. Here

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    Data Protection for the LAMP Economy
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    The value of data stored in LAMP applications is increasing at an exponential pace. Indeed, the LAMP stack fuels an economy of its own - with its own currency, lingo and players. While e-commerce is the clear and present evidence of the LAMP powered economy, the currency for this economy is by no means just monetary. Value is manifested in many factors other than financial gains: personal reputation and legacy, karma points, creativity etc. The LAMP stack fires up innovation by enabling new ideas - you can quickly and cost-effectively prototype a concept which other’s may find bizarre.

    User generated content (UGC) is one key currency of the LAMP stack. UGC, even votes (ok, diggs) on other’s UGC store tangible and lasting value. While naming “You”, a proxy for UGC, the Time’s Person of the Year 2006, The Time magazine said: “It’s a story about community and

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    Webinar: Zmanda Management Console for Amanda
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    Event Information

    Zmanda Management Console for Amanda Enterprise Edition

    Date and Time:
    Thursday, March 22, 2007 10:00 am
    Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -07:00, San Francisco)

    Panelist(s) Info:
    Shailen Patel - Professional Services Engineer,
    Dmitri Joukovski - VP of Product Management,
    Ram “TK” Krishnamurthy - VP of Services and Support

    Duration: 1 hour

    The recently released Amanda Enterprise Edition 2.6, contains Zmanda Management Console [ZMC]. ZMC is a web-based services that is integrated with the Zmanda Network. This release also includes Amanda Rapid Installer, a very simple and easy to

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    Amanda Rapid Installer
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    Two days ago, we announced Amanda Enterprise Edition 2.6. One of the
    key features of the release is Zmanda Management Console - a simple,
    secure and easy to use interface for Amanda. Zmanda Management Console
    allows users to configure and administer Amanda backups, restore from
    Amanda backup archives, and provides reports.

    In addition to Zmanda Management Console, Amanda Enterprise Edition
    2.6 includes Amanda Rapid Installer. Amanda Rapid Installer makes the
    installation of Amanda Enterprise Edition and Zmanda Management
    Console a simple process. Users just need to download the common binary for all
    supported platforms from the Zmanda Network, run the installer,

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    What, Where, When and How of Backup - We skipped ?Why?
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    Today we launched our Amanda Enterprise Edition 2.6. This comes with Zmanda Management Console - a totally cool way to install, configure and manage backup environments. This was result of an amazing effort done by our developers in past few months. This is how the navigation bar of the Zmanda Management Console (ZMC) looks like:

    One of our most important goals while designing a graphical interface for Amanda was to simplify the life of a backup administrator. We found existing backup products in the market to be unnecessarily complex to setup and manage. I (and rest of Zmanda team) believe that managing your backups should be simple. In order to get backup going, all we need to know is:

    What do you

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    Backup Software and The Long Tail of Open Source
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    An addition to The Long Tail of “The Long Tail” related blogs

    The Long Tail effect of open source has been discussed in several contexts. Some of the interpretations are likely very different from what Chris Anderson intended, but more and more niche needs of a relatively small set of people (which don’t have economies to justify product development by proprietary software companies) are being met by open source software. Witness more than 140,000 projects registered on SourceForge.

    Whenever I install Red Hat Linux I am amused by some of the choices available for the language of the operating system - what is different when running a Red Hat box with English(Singapore) vs. English(India)!? It is also heartening to see support for regional languages making computers accessible to

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    Talking at Scale 5X - Southern California Linux expo
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    I will be talking about backup and recovery of Web applications at SCALE 5x. Characteristics of Web applications create unique requirements for backup and recovery. The talk will discuss open source backup and recovery tools for file systems, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Conference guru blog provides more information on my session.

    I would be happy to meet folks who are interested in Amanda, ZRM for MySQL and open source backups in general before or after the session.

    Personal comments about recently published results of Amanda usage survey
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    We just published the results of Amanda usage survey and I want to share my personal observations.One of the most inspiring findings is that 95% of respondents would recommend Amanda to a friend. The Loyalty expert Fred Reichheld would be very impressed with such a result. The overall satisfaction with Amanda is also highlighted by the fact that 70% of respondents have been using Amanda for more than 2 years. People use software for such a long time only if it does the job well. Many users reported that Amanda was up to the task recovering files in most critical situations.

    I think it is just great that more than 60% of users provided suggestions for new functionality.

    Here are the

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    Amazon S3 Backup Testing Results
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    Digg this article

    So, I’ve been playing around with Amazon’s new S3 service. It’s essentially an on-demand storage-and-bandwidth combination; Amazon will scale their service transparantly to provide as much as you need of either. It’s pretty cheap, too, at $0.15 per GB per month for storage and $0.20 per GB per month for data transfer. I wanted to see what would be the best way to use Amazon S3 for backups with Amanda and MySQL ZRM, so I did some tests to evaluate the performance under various circumstances.

    Amazon requires that you upload data in complete ‘objects’, and it wasn’t clear to me what the

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