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Softlayer Cloud: a Scary Story of One Bad Service
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Disclaimer: the information in this post is the author’s personal opinion and is not the opinion or policy of his employer.

It was spring 2010 when we decided that even though Softlayer‘s server provisioning system is really great and it takes only a few hours to get a new server when we need it, it is still too long sometimes. We wanted to be able to scale up when needed and do it faster. It was especially critical because we were working hard on bringing up Facebook integration to our site and that project could have dramatically changed our application servers cloud …

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Updating your repo info if you started with OurDelta d6
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If you start with the d6 build, you probably have in your repo files rather than Since we moved to using download mirrors, you need to update your repo config files. There are redirects in place for download users, but yum/apt-get generally don’t like redirects. For details on what your config should now look like, just take a peek at the information for each distro we currently support:

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OurDelta mirrors - transient issue
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Alrighty, my mistake. In the setup of the mirror infrastructure, I stuffed up the server alias logic so that some yum and apt-get requests will be failing at the moment (specifically on the us mirrors). The uk mirror should be ok. Either temporarily override your config for the uk mirror, or wait a few hours as things gets sorted on those systems. Sorry!

Update: all fixed now - and it seems the mirror people are smarter than I anyway

We’ll get some testing and monitoring in place for this kind of thing, it’s obviously very tricky to spot such problems otherwise.

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