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mysqld_multi: How to run multiple instances of MySQL
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The need to have multiple instances of MySQL (the well-known mysqld process) running in the same server concurrently in a transparent way, instead of having them executed in separate containers/virtual machines, is not very common. Yet from time to time the Percona Support team receives a request from a customer to assist in the configuration of such an environment. MySQL provides a tool to facilitate the execution of multiple instances called mysqld_multi:

“mysqld_multi is designed to manage several mysqld processes that listen for connections on different Unix socket files and TCP/IP ports. It can start or stop servers, or report their current

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Fixing MySQL with a comment in the config file
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A customer called with an emergency issue: A server that normally runs many MySQL instances wouldn’t start them up. Not only would it not start all of them, it wouldn’t even start the first one. The multiple instances were started through the mysql_multi init script. Perhaps you already know what was wrong!

It turns out that this server’s /etc/init.d/mysql_multi wouldn’t start unless it found the text “mysqld_multi” in the /etc/my.cnf file. Not a [mysqld_multi] config file section, but the text string “mysqld_multi”. It was using this text as a proxy for “I found a [mysqld_multi] configuration section.” This was a rather brittle test, as you can imagine.

After reading the source, I determined that the my.cnf file was fine and the configuration should not be changed,

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Perl is probably a fine scripting language, but on Windows...
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Please do not assume Perl is always installed on all platforms. In particular not on Windows! Just as it is probably a bad idea to assume that Windows DOS commands work on Linux! Come on now!

Why am I making a fuzz you ask, do I have a problem with you writing stuff in Perl (personally, I don't even like Perl, but that's another issue)? Nope. But somewhat modern software really should not assume that you have Perl, or DOS, or some other arcane, not terribly standardized piece of software around for a server to do it's job. And MySQL still have a way to go to be reasonably good on Windows. Downloading the lastest RC, 5.5.7, MySQLhas managed to screw up at least two things, at least, in my mind. But maybe that's just me:

  • The optimzied. non debug libraries, are now in /lib under the distribution, not in /lib/opt where they used to be. I see

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