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Flexviews 1.6.0-RC1 is released
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Whats new in Flexviews 1.6.0RC1

  • This is the first release candidate before the final release.  If no major bugs are uncovered, then the next release will be the first GA release. 
  • Flexviews now has a test suite for all major features.  The creation of these tests uncovered a number of issues which have been resolved in this release. 
  • All MySQL aggregate functions except GROUP_CONCAT are now supported. 
  • A special aggregate function called PERCENTILE is now also supported.  The calculation uses a modified version of the GROUP_CONCAT based solution suggested by Roland Bouman for …
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Materialized view makes login process 25k times faster
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It may sound like a dramatic number, and that’s because it is. One thing that is enjoyable about working on beta applications is finding new solutions and better methods to improve the user experience. The original method for displaying the recent addition of overview analytics data in the beta version of Kontrollbase was to run [...]

How to support COUNT(DISTINCT expression) expressions with Flexviews.
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Unlike COUNT(expression), COUNT(DISTINCT expression) is not a distributable function. That is, the expression can not be computed by looking at only the changed rows in the table change logs.

The following view can not be FAST refreshed with Flexviews today:

SELECT a a_alias, 
       b b_alias, 
       c c_alias, 
       COUNT(DISTINCT d) d_alias
 GROUP BY a, b, c;

However, a dependent child materialization could be created to support the value for COUNT(DISTINCT d):

-- child materialization, dependent subview
--There will be one row for each DISTINCT value of d …

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Learn more about Flexviews and see a demonstration at the July 14th Silicon Valley MySQL Meetup
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I will be demonstrating the features of Flexviews as well as talking about how you can improve performance by:

  • pre-aggregating important tables for improved query performance
  • pre-calculating joins on InnoDB using materialized views
  • nesting incrementally refreshed materialized views to further improve performance

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