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A backup today saves you tomorrow
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Whether you’re working with MySQL, MySQL Cluster, or any other RDBMS, every database with a requirement for persistent data should always have a backup. As a Production DBA you’re the insurance policy to safeguard the data. Bad things do happen. Backups are your safety net to ensure you always have a way to recover should the worst happen and the database becomes irreparable.

There are many ways to produce a consistent backup of MySQL, I have listed a few of the options available below; Remember backups are your safety net, failing to retrieve a consistent backup when you need it most can be a very career limiting move, so no matter what backup method you choose always test your backups!

Logical Backups
The ever popular mysqldump is a

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TimeCapsule'ish Backups, MySQL
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A while ago I blogged about using Mercurial as a backup repository for my databases. I was asked about this again
last night over dinner.

This is an example of what I see via the web:

I can see both changes to schema, and do deltas between days (aka slice out a days worth of data or grab a snapshot of anyone one particular days data). The nice thing with hgweb is that I can make this happen via my browser :)

Part of what really makes this work is the --tab option to mysqldump (I also use Innodb so my backups are all done online). I can compress it, but frankly disk is cheap and storing deltas is cheap :)
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