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A security flaw in MySQL authentication. Is your system vulnerable?
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A few days ago Sergei Golubchik of Monty Program sent an e-mail to the Open Source Security mailing list informing about a security vulnerability in MySQL authentication system. Under certain circumstances a remote attacker may easily gain access to MySQL database as any user and all they need to know is a valid user name (e.g. root user exists in nearly all installations). The problem has only been addressed in the most recent database versions.

The full details are covered in Sergei’s post linked above. Not all MySQL …

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Trials of an Internet Host
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Recently I had some trouble with the server where all of my websites are hosted.  Business site, various blogs, there is lots of stuff on there, not to mention backups of work, email, and all sorts of things I do not really want to lose.

I first noticed the trouble when I couldn’t login through the command line.  Strangely the websites were still running.  I called the hosting company, and after talking with them for a while, managed to login as root.  That was working.  But it was acting quite odd.  There were some errors in the /var/log/messages about ssh not being able to set uid 10003, the uid of my login, shull.  …

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