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Create a MySQL Database and User through cPanel
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There are different ways to create a MySQL database and user. In one of our previous blog articles about MySQL database administration, we described how to create a new MySQL database and user through the command line which is pretty … Continue reading »

Increasing MySQL 5.5 max_connections on RHEL 5
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Busy database-backed websites often hit scalability limits in the database first. In tuning MySQL, one of the first things to look at is the max_connections parameter, which is often too low. (Of course another thing to look at is appropriate fragment caching in your app server, HTTP object caching in your web server, and a CDN in front of it all.)

When using MySQL 5.5 from Oracle's RPMs through cPanel (MySQL55-server-5.5.32-1.cp1136) on RHEL 5.10 x86_64, there is an interesting problem if you try to increase the max_connections setting beyond 214 in /etc/my.cnf. It will silently be ignored, and the limit remains 214:

mysql> show …
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mysql_install_db, mysqld --bootstrap, binary log, cPanel
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Warning... what follows is a murky mess.
It's filed as MySQL bug#43398 (verified!) but it's triggered by cPanel doing evil.

Scenario....Start a mysql server, as normal
Then run mysql_install_db (as root, like you would when you first install MySQL)
See a new binlog file get created, with ownership/group root!Of course you generally wouldn't run mysql_install_db while a server is running, but there's nothing to prevent you (or something else) from doing so!
--bootstrap just shouldn't initialise binlog, then there wouldn't be a issue.

cPanel runs mysql_install_db in its …

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Why I HATE “smart” Software: Cpanel vs Consulter
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Today I was working on one small consulting task and our client asked for an upgrade from MySQL 5.0 to 5.1. It was pretty easy and task was successfully finished and reported to the customer… But few hours after my report I’ve got an email from customer with something like “WTF? Where is my 5.1?!”. I was shocked when I saw happily running 5.0 on their server w/o anything related to my 5.1 installation…

After some short investigation I’ve found out, that it was cpanel (dumb software for dumb system administrators) - it noticed, that installed mysql version (5.1) is not the same as it thought it should be (5.0), so without any …

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