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Copy Data Between MySQL Databases with Sequel Pro
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Sequel Pro

I often use Sequel Pro when I'm getting up to speed on the data model for a project or when I just want to debug in a more visual way than with the mysql command-line client. It's a free OS X application that lets you inspect and manage MySQL databases. I also find it very useful for making small changes to the data while I develop and test web apps.

Quickly Copy Data Between Databases

I recently needed a way to copy a few dozen records from one camp to another. I tried using the "SELECT...INTO OUTFILE" method but ran into a permissions issue with that approach. Using

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Modular vs Integrated
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There’s actually no single “correct” answer! It all depends on

  • where in a stack the component lives;
  • the state of the market for that component region;
  • sometimes even geographic location of the user comes into play.
  • Yes, for OSS projects modularity is handy in terms of handling contributions, but modularity may not be the best way to deal with a problem in a certain market state and situation!

    Research has shown (see, for example, “The Innovator’s Solution” by Clayton Christensen) that the “integrated” region over time actually shifts to a subcomponent of an original integrated component that has since gone modular. An interesting example of this for MySQL its pluggable storage engine interface since version 5.1. MySQL is more modular now, but individual storage engines are tightly integrated for performance

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    Design and Implementation of a Workflow Engine
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    After almost eight months of waiting, I am finally allowed to publish my thesis paper:Design and Implementation of a Workflow Engine
    This thesis discusses the design and implementation of a software component that faciliates the specification, management, and execution of so-called workflows. The discussion of this component's design includes the semantics and syntax of the underlying workflow model as well as the actual software design. The former builds upon the Workflow Patterns [BK03] terminology, the latter on the concepts of a Workflow Virtual Machine [SF04] and the idea that a workflow system should be comprised of loosely coupled components [DAM01, DG95, PM99].The thesis paper is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Germany license, the software that has been developed as part of this thesis has been released under the
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