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Stupid and dangerous: SET GLOBAL sql_log_bin
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It’s been almost 4.5 years since, during some code refactoring, it was decided (or accidentally changed?) that sql_log_bin should become a GLOBAL variable as well as a SESSION one. Almost 2 years ago, during MySQL 5.5 upgrades at Twitter, I filed MySQL Bug 67433 describing in detail how stupid and dangerous this change was, and asking for a reversal.

Nothing has been changed or reversed, so SET GLOBAL sql_log_bin continues to be allowed. I continue to directly see, and hear about damage caused by incorrect use of SET GLOBAL sql_log_bin. So, let me describe just how stupid and …

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Another Idea to Help Foster a Vibrant Community: Please make all bugs public
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Since MySQL recently implemented the following feature request (and discussed here and here) to help foster communication among public bugs and feature requests, and to provide a way to allow the Community to voice whether or not a bug affects them, I decided to file another feature request that I think would even further encourage communication amongst an already vibrant community, and that is to simply:

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InnoDB bugs found during research on InnoDB data storage
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During the process of researching InnoDB’s storage formats and building the innodb_ruby and innodb_diagrams projects discussed in my series of InnoDB blog posts, Davi Arnaut and I found a number of InnoDB bugs. I thought I’d bring up a few of them, as they are fairly interesting.

These bugs were largely discoverable due to the innodb_space utility making important …

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How InnoDB accidentally reserved only 1 bit for table format
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The MySQL 5.5 (and 5.6) documentation says, in Identifying the File Format in Use:

“… Otherwise, the least significant bit should be set in the tablespace flags, and the file format identifier is written in the bits 5 through 11. …”

This is incorrect for any version due to a bug in how the tablespace flags were stored (which caused only 1 bit to be reserved, rather than 6). This was all re-worked in MySQL 5.6, so someone obviously noticed it, but the documentation has been left incorrect for all versions, and …

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Bugs Page for MySQL and Friends
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After completing my recent ‘downloads‘ page (similar to my ‘changelogs‘, ‘documentation‘, and ‘server variables‘ pages), it occurred to me that I should add a ‘bugs‘ page as well.

So, I’ve added a bug page, which has links to the main bug listing/reporting pages for MySQL, MariaDB (Aria), Drizzle, …

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The community helping customers restore faster with mysqldump
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A big thanks to Xiaobin Lin for taking the time to submit and the related patch for bug #64248. The patch is based on 5.5.20
This should help users to restore their database faster thanks to fast index creation. More information is available via the bugs page. I have heard that this is just one of several patches he has contributed.
Contributions such as this, help MySQL to continue to deliver an always improving product.
So a big “Thank You” from the MySQL team.

Bugs and Spam don't mix
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A big thank you to the MySQL web team and engineers for helping combat spam and keeping the site spam free.

reCaptcha is now installed and is a requirement when adding a comment to a current bug. We want the community to be able to review and comment on bugs with little spam as possible getting in the way.

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