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HoneyMonitor Pro and Audit Pro Editions v.1.0.13-alpha released!
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[HoneyMonitor is a MySQLTM GUI Tool for WindowsTM Systems. Server Administration, Database and Database Objects Administration, Code Development, Server Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Performance Auditing. Read more on]

We are pleased to announce the availability of HoneyMonitor Pro and HoneyMonitor Audit Pro!

Press Release available at:

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LogFile Group creation - SQL Errors vs SQL Warnings
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On Windows® - but I guess it’s the same on another O.S. that does not support cluster - I noticed the following behavior when trying to execute a CREATE LOGFILE GROUP syntax like this:


In v.5.1.25-rc, v.5.1.24-rc and v.5.1.23-rc, only SQL warnings are shown:

mysql> CREATE
    ->  LOGFILE GROUP `test`
    ->  ADD UNDOFILE ‘test’

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Discovering FALCON Metadata in MySQL® v. 6.0.5-alpha
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MySQL® 6.0.5-alpha, the latest version of the 6.x branch of the Database Server, is available for download from the SUN|MySQL Web Site.

Metadata (data about the data) are very important, especially for software developers. In this article we will see what’s new in FALCON metadata handling doing some comparison with the old 6.0.4-alpha version.

New tables in the `information_schema` database
As you know, the source for metadata is the database `information_schema`. To start, let’s see which tables related …

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Falcon vs InnoDB
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Yesterday, during the talk of Ivan Zoratti, at the meeting with Marten Mickos and the Italian Team of SUN | MySQL in Rome, there was a question about Falcon performance: a guy pointed out that InnoDB is better than Falcon.

Well, this is not really the truth.

How many processors are you using for Falcon benchmarking?

Falcon is designed to make optimal use of modern large-memory multi-CPU/multi-core hardware. So when comparing performance of Falcon and InnoDB, you can’t leave this out of consideration!

Please, see the shoots below:

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