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Upgrading Tungsten Replicator: as easy as ...
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When I talked about the usability improvements of Tungsten Replicator, I did not mention the procedure for upgrading. I was reminded about it by a question in the TR mailing list, and since the question was very relevant, I updated the Tungsten Cookbook with some quick upgrading instructions. A quick upgrading procedure is as important as the installer. Since we release software quite often, either because we have scheduled features to release or because of bug fixes, users want to apply a new release to an existing installation without much fuss. You can do the upgrade with a very quick and painless procedure. Let's suppose that you have installed one Tungsten Replicator cluster using this command:

# using

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My three MySQL sessions at OOW 2011 - and much more
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Oracle Open World 2011 is approaching. MySQL is very well represented. Sheeri has put together a simple table of all the MySQL sessions at OOW, which is more handy than the Oracle schedule. I will be speaking in three sessions on Sunday, October 2nd.
  • Sunday, 9am MySQL: Don't Be a Rookie Forever—Be in Command (Line)I have given this talk before, as a tutorial at the UC in 2010 and at FrOSCon one month ago. It is one of the most rewarding sessions ever. The attendee were very interested. This will be a short version of the
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Chaining Replication Clusters
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MySQL built-in replication includes a concept called relay slave, which allows you to create hierarchical database clusters. You can do the same thing with Tungsten, and this can be done in more than one way. Let's start with two distinct clusters. We can follow the recipes in the Tungsten Cookbook to install a master / slave cluster in three separate hosts and a   [Read more...]
Quick recipes for database cluster building
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One lesson learned in more than two decades working in this industry is that most of the IT professionals are impatient, want to achieve results immediately, and, most importantly, they don't read documentation. Much as the average geek is happy to answer many requests with a dismissive RTFM, the same geeks are not as diligent when it comes to learning about new or updated technologies. For this reason, there is a kind of documentation that is very much appreciated by busy and impatient professionals: cookbooks. And I am not talking about food. Geeks are not known for being cooks (1) and they like fast food. I am talking about collection of technical recipes, short articles where a problem is briefly stated, and a direct solution is shown. Working with Tungsten Replicator, I am constantly amazed at all the things you  [Read more...]
A Glance at Real-Time Replication From MySQL To Oracle
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The open source Tungsten Replicator is very powerful. It's exciting to see how a flexible initial design allows to push the boundaries of replication with each new release. The recently published System of Record approach for multi-master databases does exactly this for multi-master databases.

Nevertheless, in today's database environments it is often not enough to move data, however well it is done, between the nodes of a single DBMS vendor like MySQL.  There is an entirely new set of challenges that appear when Oracle joins the Enterprise room.

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What's Next for Tungsten Replicator
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As Giuseppe Maxia recently posted we released Tungsten Replicator 2.0.4 this week.  It has a raft of bug fixes and new features of which one-line installations are the single biggest improvement.  I set up replicators dozens of times a day and having a single command for standard cluster topologies is a huge step forward.  Kudos to Jeff Mace for getting this nailed down.

So what's next?  You can get see what we are up to in general by looking at our issues list.  We cannot do everything at once, but here are the current priorities for Tungsten Replicator 2.0.5.
  • Parallel replication speed

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The happiness of failing installations
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When you set-up the same software several times (for you or for your customers), you want that software to install quickly and reliably, and you are generally happy when everything works as expected.
In this context, a failing installation is when the installation process exits unexpectedly, and you are left with an error message and the prospect of looking at the manual to find out what was it.

A failing installation is unpleasant, you'd say, and I concur. But do you know what's more unpleasant than a failing installation? It's an installation that succeeds, only to fail silently the first time you try using the application.

Looking at this enhanced definition, it is no surprise that I assert to find happiness in failure. And I have practical reasons for my claim. When I first tried Tungsten

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Tungsten Replicator 2.0.4 released: usability and power
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It has been a bumpy ride, with dozens of issues opened and resolved, but we finally feel that Tungsten Replicator 2.0.4 is ready for prime time.There have been quite a lot of changes. Most notably, the replicator is much faster, especially when it comes to parallel replication, and it is much easier to install, thanks to its new integrated installer, which can validate all the requirements to install the replicator, and suggest remedies when the requirements aren't met. This new installer is so good, in fact, that calling it installer is an insult. It is a legitimate cluster builder, able to install a full fledged  [Read more...]
A review of Tungsten Replicator: Part 1 – Installation
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I’ve been following the development of Tungsten Replicator for quiet some time now, and recently was fortunate enough to find the time to take a look at the product in more detail. If you haven’t heard of Tungsten Replicator yet, it’s an open source database replication engine that can be used to complement or completely [...]
Practical Multi-Master Replication using Shard Filters
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Earlier this month I published an article on this blog describing the system of record approach to multi-master replication.  As mentioned in that article my colleagues and I at Continuent have been working on improving Tungsten to make system of record design patterns easier to implement.  This article describes how to set up system of record using Tungsten Replicator shard filters, which are a new feature in Tungsten 2.0.4.  By doing so we will create a multi-master configuration that avoids replication loops and transaction conflicts.  On top of that, it is quite easy to set up.

There are many possible system of record patterns depending on how many schemas are shared and across how

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