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MySQL-State of the Union. Interview with Tomas Ulin.
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“With MySQL 5.6, developers can now commingle the “best of both worlds” with fast key-value look up operations and complex SQL queries to meet user and application specific requirements” –Tomas Ulin. On February 5, 2013, Oracle announced the general availability of MySQL 5.6. I have interviewed Tomas Ulin, Vice President for the MySQL Engineering team [...]
MariaDB, MySQL and Cloud Database resources now available
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Get up-to-date on MariaDB, MySQL, Cloud Databases and SkySQL’s expertise: whitepapers and presentations now available on skysql.com

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Congratulations on the GA release of MySQL 5.6!
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Tuesday, February 5th was an important day in the MySQL ecosystem due to the release by Oracle of the long-awaited MySQL 5.6 GA. Many MySQL users have been looking forward to this release in order to benefit from the improved performance and scalability. Features such as online operations/schema changes, NoSQL access from memcached to InnoDB, multi threaded-replication and Global Transaction ID significantly improve the competitiveness of MySQL.

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MySQL Community Events and Upcoming Shows
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MySQL Users Group, please let us know you schedule so we can help promote your events. And if you are interested in starting a MySQL — let us know as we can help.

The MySQL Community Team wants to make sure you do not miss out on upcoming shows.

Fosdem is this coming weekend and there will be a MySQL and Friends devroom. This show in Brussels features presentations from Lars Thalmann, Sveta Smirnova, Luis Soares, Giuseppe Maxia, Øystein Grøvlen, and many more.

MySQL is a sponsor of the SunShine PHP and Ligaya Trumelle will be presenting on MySQL.

The Rocky Mountian orage Users Group will hold their

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Re: MySQL 5.1 vs. MySQL 5.5: Floats, Doubles, and Scientific Notation
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Reading Sheeri's MySQL 5.1 vs. MySQL 5.5: Floats, Doubles, and Scientific Notation, I was baffled at this change of floating point number notation.

However, I was also concerned about the final action taken: using "--ignore-columns" to avoid comparing the FLOAT/DOUBLE types.

The --float-precision option for pt-table-checksum currently only uses ROUND() so as to disregard minor rounding issues. But it can very easily extend to handle the difference in floating point notation. Consider again the problem:

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FOSDEM 2013, another nice open source event in Europe!
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FOSDEM is a free event that offers open source communities a place to meet, 
share ideas and collaborate.
It is renowned for being highly developer-oriented 
and brings together 5000+ geeks from all over the world.

This year again, be sure that FOSDEM will be the place to be in February!

Do you have any doubts? Really ? Dude, repeat after me :

  • Free event
  • During a week-end
  • Beer
  • 5000+ open source geeks
  • Beer
  • MySQL and Friends devroom
  • NoSQL devroom
  • No registration needed (open source man!)
  • Ok, that sounds good?

    Well, here are the informations to attend this terrific event :

    • How to register? : Are you kidding me?
    • When : 2 & 3 February 2013 (Hurry up guys!)
    • Where : Brussels (beers!!!)

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    common_schema: 1.3: security goodies, parameterized split(), json-to-xml, query checksum
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    common_schema 1.3 is released and is available for download. New and noteworthy in this version:

    • Parameterized split(): take further control over huge transactions by breaking them down into smaller chunks, now manually tunable if needed
    • duplicate_grantee(): copy+paste existing accounts along with their full set of privileges
    • similar_grants: find which accounts share the
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    SkySQL and MariaDB After Work Meetup with Monty Widenius, the "Father of the MySQL® & MariaDB Databases"
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    The SkySQL and MariaDB Roadshow comes to Sweden:

    Stockholm 7 February 2013, 16:30-19:30, Dramaten Restaurang Pauli

    SkySQL and Monty Program are on the road with our joint - free - roadshow in Stockholm where Monty Widenius will unveil his vision of the future of the MySQL database via MariaDB.

    In addition, we will have speakers from Codership/Galera, as well as SkySQL experts.

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    The state of MySQL client libraries
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    Those who’ve been around the MySQL world are probably aware of the much-discussed topics of GPL licensing, dual licensing, and in particular, licensing of the client libraries (also called connectors or drivers) and the FOSS exception (http://www.mysql.com/about/legal/licensing/foss-exception/) to that licensing. This is newly relevant with the announcement of a permissively-licensed MySQL-compatible client library for MariaDB.

    The difference is that this time there’s been some question about the provenance and history of the source code. Some people asked me about this. Some of them were aware of a relatively obscure detail: there’ve been permissively licensed MySQL client libraries for years, in the form of libdrizzle, a BSD-licensed library for the Drizzle fork of MySQL.

    Here are some of the thoughts that seemed to be going through

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    The Queen of Evil is back … and she wants your MySQL database skills!
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    She hired the 400+ original MySQLers … and sets out to hire the SkySQLers of tomorrow!

    Boel Larsen blogs about open positions & life at SkySQL - and wants you to join the fun!

    Those of you who know me also know that I spent over six years working for MySQL HR (for another couple of years I stayed on with Sun).  I joined as employee thirty-something, so running HR meant that I was more or less involved with hiring all of the 400 or so employees who joined after me. I knew pretty much everyone by name.

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    Super Python: three applications involving IRC bot master, MySQL optimization, and Website stress testing.
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    In my ongoing efforts to migrate my fun side projects and coding experiments from SVN to Git I’ve come across some of my favorite Python based apps – which are all available in their respective repos on BitBucket, as follows:

    IRC Bot Commander

    • What it does: it’s an IRC bot that takes commands and does your bidding on whichever remote server the bot is installed on.
    • How it does it: the bot runs on whatever server you install it on, then it connects to the IRC server and channel you configured it to connect to and it waits for you to give it commands, then it execs the commands and returns the output to your IRC chat window.
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    Simple jQuery: how to validate IPv4 addresses and netmasks
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    Unfortunately jQuery doesn’t come with default form validation to check for ip-addresses or subnet masking. So without a long winded explanation here’s the code. Just include this as a separate JS file like the rest of your page’s JS.

    // 'ipv4': IPv4 Address Validator
    $.validator.addMethod('ipv4', function(value) {
        var ipv4 = /^[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}$/;    
        return value.match(ipv4);
    }, 'Invalid IPv4 address');
    // 'netmask': IPv4 Netmask Validator
    $.validator.addMethod('netmask', function(value) {
        var mask = /^[1-2]{1}[2,4,5,9]{1}[0,2,4,5,8]{1}\.
        return value.match(mask);
    }, 'Invalid IPv4 netmask');

    You can use it like this.

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    Bash scripting: ElasticSearch and Kibana init.d scripts
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    As a follow up to the previous post about logstash, here are a couple of related init scripts for anyone implementing the OpenSource Log Analytics setup that is explained over at divisionbyzero. These have been tested on CentOS 6.3 and are based on generic RC functions from Redhat so they will work with Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, Scientific Linux, etc.

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    Customisable Graphs for MySQL Database Administration in AWS & Dev Release for On-premise Administration Console
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    2nd release of SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite provides users with customisation capabilities for free cloud database deployments

    Update release: SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite

    SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite is a collection of software components that provides a highly available database solution in a cloud environment based on MariaDB and 100% compatible with the MySQL database. It includes the following features:

    • An automatic configurator
    • An administrative console with ...
      • A graphical backup and recovery manager
      • The ability to deploy each instance securely within the user’s environment
      • Feature-rich, web-based query tools
      • An advanced monitoring tool
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    SkySQL & Monty Program release the MariaDB Client Library for C and MariaDB Client Library for Java Applications
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    Connectors now available to the MySQL®community as part of the MariaDB open source project

    So ... We (Monty Program & SkySQL) have just announced the immediate availability of the connectors, ‘MariaDB Client Library for C and MariaDB Client Library for Java Applications’, to the wider MySQL® database community in the permissive LGPL licence.

    With this announcement, the connectors become part of the wider MariaDB open source project, to which users will be able to contribute via relevant online resources.

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    Attend Percona Live MySQL Conference: London 2012 next week with SkySQL’s 40% discount code
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    First 10 to register this week will benefit from a 40% discount

    The Percona Live MySQL Conference: London 2012 is just around the corner and we’ll be present both with talks as well as in the exhibition hall alongside other sponsors of the conference.

    Talks & Hot Topics

    Our very own Ivan Zoratti has the following two talks on Tuesday December 4th:

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    24/365 Japanese support for the MySQL and MariaDB databases now available
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    Ashisuto greatly expands support services for Enterprise users of MySQL & MariaDB open source database software

    So, this is exciting news and something that my colleague Daniel Saito had been working on for years: enterprise-ready, 24/365 Japanese support for the MySQL and MariaDB databases!

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    Percona Live UK, Santa Clara 2013, Fosdem and other conferences
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    The Winter season for conferences is catching up speed.


    As I write this the DOAG conference in Germany is happening. It is one of the biggest (or the biggest?) Oracle user group conferences outside of USA. Many of my European friends in the MySQL space are talking there. As you know I have been a big fan of Galera Cluster for MySQL for over a year now, but I was perhaps a bit of an early adopter. Lo-and-behold, I was surprised to see the DOAG related press-release from SkySQL puts the creators of Galera first in their headline: Codership, SkySQL und weitere Top-Experten rund um das Thema ‘MySQL Datenbanken” in Nürnberg

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    Meet up SkySQL via LeMUG - MySQL User Group France - le 12 décembre
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    Une soirée de conférence et networking intitulée: "MySQL, le Cloud et MariaDB"

    Invitation - Meetup SkySQL

    Mercredi 12 décembre 2012 de 19h à 22h30

    SkySQL Ab vous invite à une soirée de conférence et networking intitulée :

    « MySQL, le Cloud et MariaDB »

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    All Your Base belong to … Oxford! MySQL & MariaDB keynote by Monty this Friday
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    SkySQL’s live in the UK – come and check us out at Oxford University - devfest

    There will be a nice contrast in the air as the ancient institution of Oxford University plays home to the latest trends in open source software at the All Your Base conference, taking place at the Said Business School on the 23rd November. And we are prepared to show off our new Cloud and Enterprise products, allowing developers to get hands-on with the solutions.

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    MySQL cloud database deployments via online configurator - free AWS trial
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    SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite now comes with 4 nodes system on AWS

    Plus: AWS tips & tricks, updated administration console, new video tour & more

    As with all new open source software products, updates are a continuous process and we’ve been busy since the launch of the SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suitelast September! Here is a snapshot of the latest developments with our Cloud Data Suite, a collection of software components that provides a highly available database solution in a cloud environment, based on MySQL & MariaDB, deployable in the Amazon Cloud, i.e. AWS.

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    common_schema 1.2: security, partition management, processes, QueryScript goodies
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    common_schema 1.2 is released! This version comes shortly after 1.1, yet contains quite a few interesting goodies:

    • Account blocking
    • Security audit
    • RANGE partition management
    • Slave status
    • Better blocking and idle transaction management
    • QueryScript goodies:
      • echo, report
      • while-otherwise statement; foreach-otherwise statement
      • Better variable scope handling
      • Complete support for variable expansion
      • Transaction support within QueryScript
    • More summary info and SQL statements in processlist-related views

    A closer look at these follows:

    Account blocking

    A new view called

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    David Axmark named one of Sweden’s top developers
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    Congratulations to the co-founder of MySQL AB & SkySQL Board Member

    We’re proud to have David on our team

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    Zmanda - A Carbonite Company
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    I am very excited to share that today Zmanda has combined forces with Carbonite - the best known brand in cloud backup. I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to Carbonite and tell you what this announcement means to the extended Zmanda family, including our employees, customers, resellers and partners.

    First, we become “Zmanda - A Carbonite Company” instead of “Zmanda, Inc.” and I will continue to lead the Zmanda business operations. Carbonite will continue to focus on backing up desktops, laptops, file servers, and mobile devices. Zmanda will continue to focus on backup of servers and databases. Carbonite’s sales team will start selling Zmanda Cloud Backup directly and through its channels. Since Carbonite already has a much larger installed base of users and resellers, our

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    Two Cons against NoSQL. Part I.
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    Two cons against NoSQL data stores read like this: 1. It’s very hard to move data out from one NoSQL to some other system, even other NoSQL. There is a very hard lock in when it comes to NoSQL. If you ever have to move to another database, you have basically to re-implement a lot [...]
    On Eventual Consistency– Interview with Monty Widenius.
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    “For analytical things, eventual consistency is ok (as long as you can know after you have run them if they were consistent or not). For real world involving money or resources it’s not necessarily the case.” — Michael “Monty” Widenius. In a recent interview, I asked Justin Sheehy, Chief Technology Officer at Basho Technologies, maker [...]
    On Eventual Consistency — An interview with Michael Monty Widenius.
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    “For analytical things, eventual consistency is ok (as long as you can know after you have run them if they were consistent or not). For real world involving money or resources it’s not necessarily the case.” — Michael “Monty” Widenius. In a recent interview, I asked Justin Sheehy, Chief Technology Officer at Basho Technologies, maker [...]
    DynamoBI is dead, long live LucidDB!
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    To our Partners, Employees, Customers, Friends, and Community:

    It is my unfortunate duty to inform all of you that DynamoBI is ceasing commercial operations October 31, 2012; we are immensely grateful for all the support that you all have shown our company, in so many different ways, over the past 3 years and we hope to make this shutdown as painless as possible for all involved.  We know that we are not the only people who are invested in LucidDB, so we wanted to explain our rationale for shutting down along with the implications for the entire LucidDB community (not just our customers).

    We started DynamoBI 3 years ago when we saw our most favorite open source project, LucidDB, finding limited prospects for adoption without a growth to full, commercial support which many (most!) companies need to be able to adopt open source software.  We had been

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    My speaking engagements - Q4 2012
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    After a long pause in the speaking game, I am back.

    It's since April that I haven't been on stage, and it is now time to resume my public duties.

    • I will speak at MySQL Connect in San Francisco, just at the start of Oracle Open World, with a talk on MySQL High Availability: Power and Usability. It is about the cool technology that is keeping me busy here at Continuent, which can make life really easy for DBAs. This talk will be a demo fest. If you are attending MySQL Connect, you should see it!
    • A happy return for me. On October 27th I will talk about open source databases and the pleasures of command line operations at
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    Monty’s team announces the availability of MariaDB Galera Cluster!
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    We’re delighted to share the news that our friends at MariaDB today announced the availability of MariaDB Galera Cluster!

    We’ve been talking a good bit about MariaDB in the past few months and it’s great to see the MariaDB & Codership partnership result in today’s announcement.

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