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The partition helper - Improving usability with MySQL 5.1 partitioning
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I talked several times about partitioning usability. In my many tests of partitioning I found myself in need of generating list of partitions for a given range.
I made the Partition Helper to scratch this particular itch, i.e. making partitions reasonably quickly and without thinking too much.
The Partition Helper is a Perl script that converts some simple options into lots of

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MySQL 5.1 release schedule
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With the delivery of MySQL 5.1 GA, our release policy sees a couple of changes in relation to that of MySQL 5.0.

First, initially we will deliver both MySQL Enterprise Server and MySQL Community Server in parallel. The bug fixes to the initial MySQL 5.1 GA releases will thus be delivered also in binary form for both MySQL Community Server and MySQL Enterprise Server.

Second, after a period of time, we will revert to the different release schedule for MySQL Enterprise Server and MySQL Community Server that we have been using. MySQL Enterprise Server will have more frequent binary releases. However, at this point, we do not have

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MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition: Position 1
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MySQL 5.1 is here! It’s announced! And it’s time for the overall winner, Position 1 in the MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition.

1. Greg Haase (Lotame Solutions Inc., Elkridge, Maryland, USA): Using Partitioning and Event Scheduler to Prune Archive Tables. See Greg’s DevZone article, and his blog.

Thanks and congratulations,

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Monty Rants or Yet Another Case Of Developers vs Users
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I saw Monty's latest rant and I told myself "here we go again." I blogged before about deaf developers, and here's another symptom of the same disease.
This is another case of a developer, a brilliant one, mind you, one of the brightest in the open source arena, but a developer nonetheless, who has a non-user oriented mindset and is inflicting his view on the users.
I will stay clear of the reasons. Why the co-founder of MySQL decides to spoil the party on release day and ambushes his colleagues with a truckload of blame is beyond my understanding.
What concerns me is the patronizing plea that Monty uses against the users. "Don't use MySQL 5.1"? Really? What about the

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Quality of 5.1 GA release
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With all due respect to Monty (and I mean that — much respect is due), I have some serious issues with his portrayal of the 5.1 release.  I hate to make my first entry on Planet MySQL about a controversy, but he encouraged people to blog about their experience with 5.1, so that’s what I’ll do here.

Overall Quality

As a long time user, I am very confident that the quality of 5.1 GA far exceeds that of the initial 5.0 GA release (5.0.15).  In fact, I would go further and suggest that the MySQL organization has if anything been too conservative about declaring 5.1 GA.

It’s obviously true that there are still many bugs open.  However no software is bug free, especially not those with codebase as large as MySQL.  So the question is not if they are bug free,

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Cracking the Tokutek contest with MySQL 5.1
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Hello, blog! Long time without posting. Here I am again.
My attention was caught a few days ago by a contest posted by Tokutek.
This is a company that makes a proprietary engine for MySQL. In their contest, they claim that it takes 20 days to insert 1 billion records into a InnoDB table, and that MyISAM is not even up to the task. In their example, InnoDB inserts 404 rows per second and MyISAM died after a few days of inserting 93 rows per second.
It looks farfetched to me. Surely you can do better than that.
Now, I don't have a quad 3.16Ghz Xeon server with 16GB RAM available like the one used by Tokutek, and so I tried with a modest quad 2.7Ghz AMD, 8GB RAM server. The problem is mostly the same. Once your index becomes bigger than the available

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MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition: Positions 5 to 10
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With the GA announcement of MySQL 5.1 coming up, we have picked the winners in the MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition.

To keep you in suspense, let me first announce those on positions 5 to 10:

5. Fourat Zouari (, Tunis, Tunisia): Using Partitioning for Data Warehousing. See Fourat’s DevZone article, and

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A quick usability hack with partitioning
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A few days ago I was describing a common grievance when using partitions.
When you care at a table, like the following
PARTITION by range (to_days(d))
partition p001 VALUES LESS THAN (to_days('2001-01-01'))
, partition p002 VALUES LESS THAN (to_days('2001-02-01'))
, partition p003 VALUES LESS THAN (to_days('2001-03-01'))

Then you have the problem of finding out the original values. SHOW CREATE TABLE doesn't help.
show create table t1\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
Table: t1
Create Table: CREATE TABLE `t1` (

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Partitions usability I - blues and a preview
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Pop quiz. Look at the picture below. Quick: can you tell me to which year and month partition P001 refers?

I couldn't say it without asking the database itself to revert the output of to_days:

select from_days(723180);
| from_days(723180) |
| 1980-01-01 |

Just to make the pain more clear, you do something like this, clean and neat, and you think you have done a good job.

PARTITION by range (to_days(d))

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New launchpad tree for PARTITION BY RANGE COLUMN_LIST(a,b)
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A colleague of mine at Sun/MySQL showed me how to get
statistics from my blog. This was an interesting read
of all statistics. I noted that there was a great
interest in partitioning related information and that
the new partitioning feature mentioned in my blog
2 years ago still attracts a lot of attention.

So I thought it was a good idea to blog a bit more
about what's going on in the partitioning
development. I decided to check out how easy it is
to externalize my development trees on launchpad.
It turned out to be really easy so I simply
put up the development tree for the new partitioning
feature which I described in my last blog.

Launchpad tree

I also externalized the Worklog entry for

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