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Improved Backup Progress in MySQL Enterprise Backup(MEB) 3.8.2
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Nowadays huge amount of data is stored in databases and it is very inevitable for business needs. With parallel backup, MEB has best in class performance and continues to improve. With terabytes of data, it can take hours to backup the data. As a DBA you'd like to know how much of the backup is done, how much data in MB still remains and also what's currently happening in backup.

So MEB 3.8.2 has an enhanced progress indicator which will help the DBA in many ways like

  • You can analyze current and expected space requirements so that you can release some space by removing files on a file system or stop the backup if the space isn't there,to try other options like compressed backup.

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    MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.8.2 has been released!
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    MySQL Enterprise Backup v3.8.2, a maintenance release of online MySQL backup tool, is now available for download from My Oracle Support  (MOS) website as our latest GA release.  It will also be available via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud in approximately 1-2 weeks. A brief summary of the changes in MySQL Enterprise Backup version 3.8.2 is given below.

      A. Functionality Added or Changed: 

    • MySQL Enterprise Backup has a new --on-disk-full command line option. mysqlbackup could hang when the disk became full, rather than detecting the low space condition. mysqlbackup now monitors disk space when running backup commands, and users can now specify the action to take at a disk-full condition with the --on-disk-full option. For more details, refer this

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    mylvmbackup 0.14 has been released
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    It's my great pleasure to announce the release of mylvmbackup version 0.14.

    This release includes a large number of improvements, code cleanups, and new functionality.

    I would like to thank Ask Bjørn Hansen, Ben Bonnel, Norbert Tretkowski, Neil Wilson, Klaus Ethgen and Alexandre Anriot for their feedback and contributions to this release.

    The release is available as a source tarball and generic RPM package. Packages for other distributions are available from the openSUSE Build Service.

    Some notable highlights from the ChangeLog

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    Announcing TokuDB v7 Enterprise Edition: Hot Backup and Support
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    As promised, the Enterprise Edition of TokuDB®, Version 7, is ready. TokuDB Version 7, Enterprise Edition, introduces Hot Backup. You can now back up all your TokuDB tables directly from MySQL or MariaDB, with no down time. In addition, TokuDB Enterprise Edition comes with a support package.

    TokuDB v7 Enterprise Edition maintains all our established advantages: hot schema changes, excellent compression, fast trickle load, fast bulk load, fast range queries through clustering indexes, no fragmentation, and full MySQL/MariaDB compatibility for ease of installation.

    For details on pricing and supported MySQL and MariaDB versions, please see our FAQ.

    To learn more about TokuDB:

    • Download executables
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    How to Back Up Selected MySQL Databases
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    I recently had to do a backup of a 30 very large databases within a MySQL instance that had a total of 60+ databases.  I did NOT want to back up the other databases. In fact, the other databases had very large tables in them and I had very little disk space, so I could not afford to back them up. In this post I will share what I learned.

    I’ve simplified the problem to illustrate the idea.  My goal in this post is to backup one database when an instance has many, with mixed InnoDB and MyIsam tables.

    • I have 3 databases called dbtest1, dbtest2, and dbtest3, in one instance of MySQL .  I only want to back up  the tables in database dbtest2

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    xtrabackup_51: not found & no ‘mysqld’ group in MySQL options
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    Recently I happen to setup a new MySQL instance with my tools – a standard MySQL 5.1+, xtrabackup setup and last-hotbackup.tar.gz. To restore from the backup we used xtrabackup binaries and ran into issues following standard commands (assuming no changes): To prepare the backup I used apply-log as follows: $] innobackupex-1.5.1 --defaults-file=/usr/local/mysql/data/backup-my.cnf --apply-log  /usr/local/mysql/data --ibbackup […]
    mysqldump now safe for InnoDB!
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    It's now safe to backup InnoDB with mysqldump

    Before MySQL 5.6, running mysqldump to make backup of InnoDB tables could cause your backup to 'loose' some data. The problem is described in our manual  here.

    In latest MySQL 5.6 this is no longer a problem, this means you no longer risk 'loosing' data when using mysqlbackup together with DDL statements on your InnoDB tables. If you are interested in metadata-locking (MDL) you can read more about MDL  here.

    To test this we need to create a few tables and also look at which order mysqldump processes tables.

    mysql> CREATE DATABASE ted;
    mysql> USE ted;
    mysql> CREATE TABLE `a` (`i`

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    MEB : The journey so far 2010-2013
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    MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) was born 3 years ago as a newly branded avatar of InnoDB Hot backup. Wanted to share what has gone on so far, how we at Oracle think about backup, the milestones that we have achieved and the road ahead. The idea for this blog came to me after looking at Mikael's latest blog. While Mikael talks about MySQL, I want to talk about MEB.

    When we started with InnoDB Hot backup the first challenge was to have it adhere to the development, quality and release processes for MySQL. This meant creating a quality plan, getting it into the development trees of MySQL and ensuring that each piece of new code went through architecture and code review. Though the initial implementer and architect of Hot backup continues to work with the MEB team, there

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    Why use encrypted backup with Percona XtraBackup 2.1 for MySQL?
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    We just released our first alpha of Percona XtraBackup 2.1 for MySQL and with it we included the ability to encrypt backups on the fly (full documentation here). This feature is different than simply piping the backup stream through the openssl or gpg binaries, which is what some people have used in the past. A big benefit of using the built-in encryption is that multiple CPU cores can be used for encryption

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    MySQL 5.6 Replication with GTID – Global Transaction ID
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    Hi guys, Early February Oracle released the new version of MySQL named 5.6, one of the enhancements is the GTID (Global Transaction ID)

    GTID is an unique identifier which will be added at each transaction, and will be very useful on the slave. remember before we needed to set MASTER_LOG_FILE and MASTER_LOG_POS, now we don’t need them anymore.

    Let’s see some new variables which we need to add to our cnf file:
    gtid-mode : It will enable GTID, in order to this function work, we need to turn on log-bin and log-slave-updates
    enforce-gtid-consistency : It will guarantee that only allowed command will be executed ( more information

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