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MySQL Enterprise Backup: parallel config & backup n restore results.
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In this post I go into some performance metrics and time spent on using MySQL Enterprise Backup instead of mysqldump, and seeing how far I could go with some parallel configuration.


It’s on an old laptop:

–Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 32bit Intel Pentium M 1.86Ghz, 2Gb –Source disk:  internal 80Gb ATA ST9808211A –Destination:  external 1Tb SAMSUNG HD103SI –MySQL Enterprise Edition 5.6.15 –MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.9.0 –Employees sample database duplicated via MySQL Utilities 1.3.6 (on Win7 PC) to generate a ~5Gb MySQL …

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MariaDB Database Disk snapshot backups on Windows
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Using disk snapshots to perform MariaDB backups has become more and more common, but this seems to have been limited to Linux and Cloud environments. There seems that there has been a notion that Snapshots cannot be done on native Windows, the way we can do snapshots using LVM on Linux for example. This is actually False, if you use the NTFS filesystem snapshoting is built in and has been so for a long time, the base for it is the Volume Snapshot Service (VSS) which was introduced as far back as Windows XP.

Using Snapshots to backup on Linux or Windows works well, …

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how MySQL engineering broke the backups
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MySQL has exceptional track of record by introducing minor fixes that cause major breakages. Though usually I could blame naiveté of engineers, who did not really ever have to deal with production implications, but lately I can start sensing various business implications against open-source offerings.

As an original author of mydumper I really cannot get out of my mind that 5.5 and 5.6 metadata locking changes are there to screw with anyone who is building a backup solution using stable snapshot views of …

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How to store MySQL innobackupex backups at Google Cloud Storage
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In general, I chose Google Cloud Storage to store web sites MySQL backups due to its price and speed of upload/download in real time

I used the Google native tool – gsutil , innobackupex and some bash

in short : the /etc and local MySQL  backup

# Barcelona Tue Nov 22 17 16:30:36 CEST 2013 …
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MEB integration with Workbench
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The latest versions of MySQL Workbench starting from version 6 have the capability to integrate with MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB).

Though all the functionality of MEB is not supported, it is still a great tool to begin your backup and get your backup setup in minutes. Workbench also provides the additional capability to be able to schedule your backups.

The sections below illustrate the setup and usage of the Workbench UI to be able to setup and execute backup using MEB.

This is a quick start guide to setup, make a backup and do a recovery using MySQL Workbench and MEB.

The installation of WB and MEB is not …

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OurSQL Episode 160: More Free Hot Backup
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This week we finish our 2-part series on xtrabackup. Ear Candy is changing the sorting behavior of GROUP BY and At the Movies is a talk on performance schema.

DB Hangops - every other Wednesay at noon Pacific time

Upcoming MySQL events

Percona Live London 2013 is happening Monday November 11th and Tuesday November 12th, 2013 …

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OurSQL Episode 159: Free Hot Backup
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This week, we talk about Percona's Xtrabackup. Ear Candy talks about .frm files and how many fields an InnoDB table can have, and At the Movies is a talk about indexes.

Episode 38 where we previously talked about Xtrabackup

Installing Percona's Xtrabackup

Operating system …

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Backing up full server instance using MySQL Enterprise Backup
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MySQL Enterprise Backup(MEB) takes fast, consistent backups of MySQL server data, and helps in restoring the server to source server's data at the time of backup. But most of the times it is as much important to have same source server's state(server configuration like server global variables, plugins), as data. As backups become more frequent, server variables modified, plugins added or removed, it is very difficult to keep track …

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TokuMX Hot Backup – Part 3
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Last week I described TokuDB’s new Hot Backup feature.  This week we are going to briefly discuss the same feature, but as it was added to TokuMX, our version of MongoDB.

Since the Hot Backup library is essentially a shim between MySQL and the Linux kernel, intercepting file system calls for the life of the process, it should be easy to add this to any other system, including TokuMX.  Indeed with our addition of transactions and logging to TokuMX we can gain a consistent backup of any data set at any time.

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Skip Unused Pages with MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.9.0
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The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.

There are database usage patterns, where tables grow big at times and many rows are deleted from them later. InnoDB does never shrink a table space. In these cases we can end up with big data files, which contain a lot of unused pages. It is a waste of disk- and I/O- resources to back them up.

Users have manifold requested that MySQL Enterprise Backup does not back up unused InnoDB data pages. Some want smaller backups, some want less I/O, some want shrinked table spaces.

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