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MariaDB in the Running for 2015 Members Choice Database of the Year
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MariaDB won the 2013 and the 2014 Members Choice Award Database of the Year, and is in the running again for 2015 winner. Up until 2012, MySQL held a near-monopoly on the title, having won every year since at least 2001 (except for 2002, won by PostgreSQL). Since 2013, however, it’s been all MariaDB, […]

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MySQL Community Awards 2016: Call for Nominations!
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The 2016 MySQL Community Awards event will take place, as usual, in Santa Clara, during the Percona Live Data Performance Conference, April 2016.

The MySQL Community Awards is a community based initiative. The idea is to publicly recognize contributors to the MySQL ecosystem. The entire process of discussing, voting and awarding is controlled by an independent group of community members, typically based of past winners or their representatives, as well as known contributors.

It is a self-appointed, self-declared, self-making-up-the-rules-as-it-goes committee. It is also very aware of the importance of …

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Lightning talks at Percona Live Data Performance Conference
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The main schedule for the Percona Live Data Performance Conference is available. Almost everything has been defined. There are tutorials and plenty

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A safer MySQL box in Docker
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The MySQL team has been maintaining a MySQL image on Docker. They have been listening to requests from the community and reacting quickly. So far, they have fixed two bugs that I reported and introduced a feature request that I suggested to make the server more secure.

Thanks, folks!

My latest request was about password management in a MySQL container. I have mentioned in previous posts the compatibility problems introduced by MySQL 5.7 security enhancements. Let me recap the main issues here:


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Why log_slave_updates is a bad default
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In a recent post the MySQL product managers asked the community for feedback about proposed new defaults. One of the proposals is to make log-slave-updates on by default.

There are other important options that require some debate. They all look reasonable to me. This one, instead, which …

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MariaDB and Native JSON support ?
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A question raised by my previous post is : What about MariaDB and native JSON support ? In my previous post I mentioned the possibility to use the MariaDB CONNECT storage Engine to store and access JSON content in normal text field. Of course having a native JSON datatype brings more value. It introduces JSON [...]

Moving to Product Management & European Tour
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Welcome all to 2016.

Just a quick update to say that I'm moving teams inside Oracle. My new position is as Product Manager for the MySQL Server This is a great opportunity for me to be more directly involved in developing MySQL, and something I'm very much looking forward to. It will also mean many of my future blog posts will appear on the MySQL Server Team blog instead of here on my personal blog.

(The MySQL Community Team is now looking to fill a vacancy. The ideal candidate will be based in Europe. Please let me …

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MariaDB JSON text indexing
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It is not new that we can store a JSON content in a normal table text field. This has always been the case in the past. But two key features were missing : filtering based on JSON content attributes and indexing of the JSON content. With MariaDB 10.1 CONNECT storage Engine we offer support for [...]

MySQL 5.8 Planning: C++11 and Native Partitioning
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In November we held our first MySQL 5.8 planning session in London. On behalf of the MySQL team, I would like to thank you for your feature requests and suggestions. We reviewed over 150 pieces of feedback in total, and are looking forward to prioritizing a number of suggestions:

In MySQL 5.8, we are planning to make two important changes to modernize our code base.…

Deprecating the mysql_config –libs_r option
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As Norvald wrote in his recent post:

A long time ago, libmysqlclient came in two versions: one that was thread safe and one that wasn’t. But that was a long time ago. Since MySQL 5.5, the thread safe libmysqlclient_r library has just been a symlink to the libmysqlclient library, which has been thread safe at least since then.

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