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OurSQL Episode 205: How to Learn About MySQL
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In this episode, we discuss resources available for learning more about MySQL and its forks.

MySQL Cluster 7.4 is GA!
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The General Availability of MySQL Cluster 7.4 has just been announced by Oracle.

The MySQL team at Oracle are excited to announce the General Availability of MySQL Cluster 7.4, ready for production workloads.

MySQL Cluster 7.4.4 can be downloaded from and the …

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Connector/Python 2.1.1 Alpha released with C Extension
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MySQL Connector/Python 2.1.1 took a while to release and that was because we had to add some more packages which contains the optional C Extension. Note that this is still Alpha and we want you guys to report any problems and requests.

The Connector/Python C Extension was added because in certain situations, for example reading a huge result set, can take a long time with pure Python. That’s why we choose to interface with …

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Worrying about the ‘InnoDB: detected cycle in LRU for buffer pool (…)’ message?
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If you use Percona Server 5.5 and you have configured it to use multiple buffer pool instances than sooner or later you’ll see the following lines on the server’s error log and chances are you’ll be worried about them:

InnoDB: detected cycle in LRU for buffer pool 5, skipping to next buffer pool.
InnoDB: detected cycle in LRU for buffer pool 3, skipping to next buffer pool.
InnoDB: detected cycle in LRU for buffer pool 7, skipping to next buffer pool.

Worry not as this is mostly harmless. It’s becoming a February tradition for me (Fernando) to face a question about this subject (ok, …

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See Connection Latency with VividCortex
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Recently, one of our customers reached out to us about a problem they were having trouble diagnosing - they noticed that every once in a while, it took their MySQL server a few seconds to initialize a client connection. They had figured out that the issue was a missing hosts entry for one of their clients, but VividCortex didn’t have any measurements to show this issue to them.

We always enjoy getting customer feedback, and in this case we saw a clear need for something that VividCortex was missing. To address this shortcoming, we’ve recently added the ability to see the connection latency for newly established connections against your …

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MySQL Cluster 7.4 GA: 200 Million QPS, Active-Active Geographic Replication and more
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The MySQL team at Oracle are excited to announce the General Availability of MySQL Cluster 7.4, in other words - it's now ready for production workloads.

This is a release which takes what was already great about MySQL Cluster (real-time performance through memory-optimized tables, linear scale-out with transparrent sharding and cross-shard joins, High Availability and SQL as well as NoSQL interfaces) and makes it even faster, easier to manage and simpler to run accross geographies.

Team MariaDB is back from SCALE13X - This show keeps getting bigger and better
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Wed, 2015-02-25 19:36Marc Sherwood

Members of Team MariaDB have now all made it home from SCALE13X, held in LA. This year we had three talks. Max, talked about Advanced Query Routing and Proxying with MaxScale, and Sharding Your Data With Spider, while Colin Charles talks …

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MySQL Webinar: Analyze & Tune Queries for Better Performance
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Thanks to everyone who attended my webinar today, and thanks for all the positive feedback in the Q&A session.  Unfortunately, I was not able to respond to everyone during the 15 minutes available for Q&A.  If your question did not get answered, feel free to use the comments section of this blog post to ask your question.  You can also ask questions on the MySQL Optimizer Forum.
The slides from the presentation are available …

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Shinguz: MySQL Enterprise Incremental Backup simplified
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Taxonomy upgrade extras: mebMySQL Enterprise BackupenterpriseBackupincremental backup

MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) has the capability to make real incremental (differential and cumulative?) backups. The actual releases are quite cool and you should really look at it...

Unfortunately the original MySQL documentation is …

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Log Buffer #411, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs
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This Log Buffer Edition brings you some blog posts from Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


Suppose you have a global zone with multiple zpools that you would like to convert into a native zone.

The digital revolution is creating abundance in almost every industry—turning spare bedrooms into hotel rooms, low-occupancy commuter vehicles into taxi services, and free time into freelance time

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