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Because somebody asked for it on Freenode:

CREATE FUNCTION DATE_TRUNC(field ENUM('microsecond', 'millisecond', 'second', 'minute', 'hour', 'day', 'week', 'month', 'quarter', 'year', 'decade', 'century', 'millennium'), source datetime(6))
RETURNS datetime(6)
  IF field IN ('millisecond') THEN SET source = source - INTERVAL MICROSECOND(source) % 1000 MICROSECOND; END IF;
  IF field NOT IN ('microsecond', 'millisecond') THEN SET source = source - INTERVAL MICROSECOND(source) MICROSECOND; END IF;
  IF field NOT IN ('microsecond', 'millisecond', 'second') THEN SET source = source - INTERVAL SECOND(source) SECOND; END IF;
  IF field NOT IN ('microsecond', 'millisecond', 'second', …
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Welcome Amazon Web Services to the MariaDB Community
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Wed, 2015-10-07 17:43Roger Levy

At this week’s re:Invent conference, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced it is joining the MariaDB community with the introduction of its Relational Database Service (RDS) for MariaDB. Amazon’s decision was driven by the growing demand among its customers for MariaDB, which now has over two million users in 45 countries.

The new offering will provide additional options for how users can deploy and consume MariaDB. Companies can leverage the AWS MariaDB offering for cloud-based managed database services or for building hybrid cloud/premises architectures for cloud bursting and disaster recovery. Look for …

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Improved ALTER USER Syntax Support in 5.7
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Complimenting the expanded CREATE USER syntax introduced in MySQL Server 5.7.6 is more useful ALTER USER syntax. Before MySQL Server 5.7.6, ALTER USER could only be used to expire a user’s password. That’s pretty limited. With changes made in MySQL Server 5.7.6, a better distinction is made between privilege-level attributes (those which are …

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Problems not worth fixing
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I worked on a closed-source DBMS years ago and the development cycle was 1) code for 6 months 2) debug for 18 months. Part 2 was longer than part 1 because the customers have high expectations for quality and the product delivers on that. But it was also longer because some co-workers might not have been code complete after 6 months and were quietly extending part 1 into part 2.

I fixed many bugs during part 2. One that I remember was in the optimizer. Someone added code to detect and remove duplicate expressions (A and A and B --> A and B). Alas the algorithm was O(N*N). Analytics queries can have complex WHERE clauses …

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5 DevOps Conferences You Should Consider Attending
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We love developer conferences, they are informative, fun and a great way to network with like minded people. The sessions can help you and your organization discuss and address technology challenges, learn how others are solving problems and exchange knowledge. Even if you can’t make it, most of these conferences are streamed online. Here are the 5 DevOp conferences you should consider attending.

AWS re:Invent

The annual cloud conference, by market leaders themselves, is an event which …

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MariaDB Developers Meeting + User Group NL
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Next week, all the MariaDB Server developers will descend to Amsterdam for the developer’s meeting. As you know the meeting is open to all interested parties, so we hope to see you in Amsterdam Tuesday Oct 13 – Thursday Oct 15. The schedule is now online as well.

In addition to that, Monday Oct 12 2015, there is also a …

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Achieving MySQL high availability under failures and outages using Galera Cluster
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The purpose of this article is to describe how Galera Cluster multi-master replication provides high availability for MySQL beyond simply replicating all updates to multiple nodes.

High availability has multiple dimensions, such as being able to detect and tolerate failures in individual components and be able to recover quickly. We will discuss the different failure modes that can happen in a cluster and how Galera facilitates the detection and recovery from each situation.

Your load balancer and application may be governed by different timeouts and recovery mechanisms, but …

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New features I'd like to see in MySQL 5.8
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Following up on Morgan Tocker's What would you like to see in MySQL 5.8?, having attended and participated at the brainstorming at Percona Live Amsterdam, and publishing this post while failing to comply with any of Morgan's suggested media, these are the features I would like to see in MySQL 5.8:

  • Dynamicly enable/disable log-bin and …
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MySQL Community Reception at Oracle OpenWorld
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If you are in San Francisco on October 27, 2015, please come along to our MySQL team reception at Jillian's at Metreon. You do not require an Oracle OpenWorld pass to attend, all we ask is that you please register in advance.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Pythian Achieves Amazon Web Services Partner Network DevOps Competency
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Pythian DevOps services accelerate AWS adoption and delivery of innovative customer experiences

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – AWS RE:INVENT – October 6, 2015 – Pythian, a global IT services company specializing in helping companies adopt disruptive technologies to optimize revenue-generating systems, today announced it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) DevOps Competency. As an addition to Pythian’s existing Advanced Consulting Partner status in the APN, the DevOps Competency further validates the company’s deep capabilities and demonstrated performance in helping customers …

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