Frequently Asked Questions

What is Planet MySQL?

Planet MySQL is an aggregation of blogs and news from the MySQL community and Oracle's MySQL Team. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.

Can I get my feed added to Planet MySQL?

Our goal is to have PlanetMySQL be a high-quality, technical resource for MySQL users. Only high-quality, technical feeds will be accepted. Fill in the submission form linked on the right hand side, so that the MySQL Community Team can review your submissions.

How often does Planet MySQL update?

We update several times an hour. New entries are added to the local archive, and updates to existing are also detected and processed (posts timestamped more than one hour in the future are ignored). The front page and RSS 2.0 feed are then generated statically, to have an optimal response time and reduce server load. The main page displays the latest 10 entries (paged, you can browse), the RSS feed contains the latest 50 entries.

How can I determine if my post should be on Planet MySQL or Planet MySQL: Meta?

Planet MySQL is our primary distribution channel with the community on our upcoming development plans and any changes we are planning to make to MySQL software products. We invite original technical content about MySQL (including other supporting technologies) to be posted on Planet MySQL, but request that authors respect our goal of keeping a low signal-to-noise ratio.

Our aim with Planet MySQL: Meta is to create a social channel that allows for users of the MySQL community to actively engage with each-other. Promotion of local events, webinars, and new software announcements should be posted under meta.

How can I make my posts appear under Planet MySQL or Planet MySQL: Meta?

When our crawler indexes a feed, it looks for the tags associated with each post. Posts with the tag PRIMARY will appear up on the Planet MySQL homepage, and posts tagged SECONDARY will appear under Planet MySQL: Meta.

We chose to use these names as they translate better than meta into each of the languages Planet MySQL is offered in. We hope that they are also familiar terms for database users to be able to remember! However, unlike the SQL standards SECONDARY tagged posts must be UNIQUE and NOT NULL.

I want my blogs about Database X (not MySQL) to appear on PlanetMySQL?

Each database has its own community. Blogs about Database X should appear on Planet X, not on PlanetMySQL.