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eulogy for mysql forge
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When the mysql librarian closed, I didn’t think too much about it; it was a feature I probably never used. However this month brings the end of the mysql forge. The MySQL Forge was something I worked on while I was at MySQL so I am a little sad to see it go. 

Now for a little bit of a history lesson. We wanted some kind of “forge” back in 2005, because sourceforge was all the rage then (today, you can’t even find mariadb or mongodb listed there). We didn’t want to pay the exorbitant fees associated with sourceforge, so we investigated

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Vote for Kontrollbase on MySQL Forge
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Just a reminder to all of those users that are enjoying Kontrollbase – if you get a minute in your day please go to the MySQL Forge site and put your vote in on Kontrollbase. It’s a simple star based vote on the right side of the page located here: http://forge.mysql.com/projects/project.php?id=318

Update: Find Query Per certain Seconds
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In my old post there is a bug when run in MySQL 5.1.30 and old, because the status variable Queries was added in MySQL 5.1.31. So i change to choose between Queries and Questions status variables, and I think the Queries represent more accurate result. http://forge.mysql.com/tools/tool.php?id=217 By the way: # Queries The number of statements executed by the server. This variable includes
Starring Sakila: MySQL university recording, slides and materials available onMySQLForge
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Yesterday I had the honour of presenting my mini-bi/datawarehousing tutorial "Starring Sakila" for MySQL University. I did a modified version of the presentation I did together with Matt Casters at the MySQL user's conference 2009. The structure of the presentation is still largely the same, although I condensed various bits, and I added practical examples of setting up the ETL process and creating a Pentaho Analysis View (OLAP pivot table) on top of a Mondrian Cube.

The slides, session recording, and materials such as SQL script, pentaho data integration jobs and transformations, and Sakila Rentals Cube for Mondrian are all available here on MySQL

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Kontrollbase is on MySQL Forge
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Spread the word; Just added Kontrollbase to MySQL Forge: http://forge.mysql.com/projects/project.php?id=318

Kontrollbase is on MySQL Forge
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Spread the word; Just added Kontrollbase to MySQL Forge: http://forge.mysql.com/projects/project.php?id=318

Case Insensitive REPLACE() for MySQL
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One request I occasionally see is for a case insensitive version of REPLACE() for MySQL. I wrote this a while back, but here it is now for all of you to play around with. It uses a basic naïve string search algorithm, so can be slow under some circumstances.

CREATE FUNCTION `replace_ci` ( str TEXT,needle CHAR(255),str_rep CHAR(255))
        DECLARE return_str TEXT DEFAULT '';
        DECLARE lower_str TEXT;
        DECLARE lower_needle TEXT;
        DECLARE pos INT DEFAULT 1;
        DECLARE old_pos INT DEFAULT 1;
        SELECT lower(str) INTO lower_str;
        SELECT lower(needle) INTO lower_needle;
        SELECT locate(lower_needle, lower_str, pos) INTO pos;
        WHILE pos > 0 DO
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Google Summer of Code 2008 Update
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phpMyAdmin and MySQL Forge, along with the MySQL Build Farm initiative were the main MySQL related benefactors of Google Summer of Code 2008. phpMyAdmin got BLOB Streaming support and a simplified setup script, MySQL Forge got RSS and Atom feeds and the MySQL Build Farm got a test schedule.

Directly mentored by phpMyAdmin originator Marc Delisle, GSoC student Raj Kissu Rajandran completed the BLOB streaming support in phpMyAdmin. This is how he describes his project goals (which are now achieved):

It is often common to come across a website, especially a blog, that is built

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Moving from MySQL’s Contributor License Agreement (CLA) to Sun’s Contributor Agreement (SCA)
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Today is Good News Day. In addition to my note on Ivan Nikitin’s improved health, I have good news for our current and potential code contributors:

We have moved from having used MySQL AB’s own Contributor License Agreement (CLA) to now using the Sun’s Contributor Agreement (SCA), which is shorter and easier.

I’ve been asked about our contributor licensing on several occasions, such as back in July, at MySQL Camp in Bangalore, India, as Parvesh

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Another Quick Feature Added to MySQL Forge
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Calvin had a good suggestion for a search filter in the public worklog system on the targeted version that the Worklog task is aiming for. I have thus added the filter to the Forge search pages, as shown to the left. You can select from the dropdown list of versions in the top of the search column and the search will filter automatically to only tasks targeting that version. Cheers.

Small Feature Addition to MySQL Forge
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OK, so on Wednesday morning, in Latvia, Monty came up to me and asked if I could add a feature to the MySQL Forge Worklog system to help his team and others track dependencies between worklog tasks. Internally, our worklog system allows developers to track whether one task is dependent upon the completion of another task. So, I took a couple hours and hacked in this functionality to the public Forge worklog system. If a task has dependent "child" tasks, then a new tab in the worklog display shows those dependent tasks. Shown on the right is the "super-task" for the Maria project, which has a number of direct child tasks (some of which have child tasks themselves). As you can see, the "Dependent Tasks" tab now shows these sub-tasks. Enjoy.

A Contributor's Guide to Launchpad.net - Part 1 - Getting Started
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This post is the first in a series of articles which serves to highlight the services of the Launchpad platform which hosts the MySQL Server, MySQL Forge, MySQL Sandbox and Drizzle Server projects. I will be walking you through the various pieces of the platform and provide examples of using each of the services. I will cover in depth the source code management services which all three projects now rely upon. The code management services are the critical piece of the development platform. In addition, I will show you how to use the Blueprints, Bugs, Answers and Translations services that many MySQL ecosystem projects,

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