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Abdel-Mawla Gharieb: Impact of General Query Log on MySQL Performance
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Sometimes, it is required to enable the general query log (which is disabled by default). If the general query log is enabled the server writes to this log information when clients connect or disconnect, and each SQL statement received from the client.

The question is, does enabling the general query log affects the MySQL performance ?
Also, it is possible to record the output of this log into either file or table in the mysql database (mysql.general_log), what is the performance impact of each one?

Let's do some simple benchmark for those scenarios to measure the actual impact on the mysql performance.

System Information:

HW configurations:

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Profiling your slow queries using pt-query-digest and some love from Percona Server
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This guide will get you up and running with how to identify the bottleneck queries using the excellent tool pt-query-digest. You will learn how to use and analyze the output returned by pt-query-digest. You will also learn some differences between slow query logging in various MySQL versions. Later on in the post I will also show you how to make use of the extra diagnostic data available with Percona Server.

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