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MySQL Camp T-Shirts
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For those that attended the MySQL Camp at Google HQ late last year you may have seen me with my own T-Shirt designs. A number of people inquired about getting them. I’ve finally got around to make them available online, so anybody that would like one can order online.

There are two different shirts. If you want your name on the shirt, you need to make sure you choose the correct one.

  • Early Adopters - For those that were the first 48 that signed up, your name as well as position and company are on the shirt.
  • The Herd - For everybody that registered on the website, your name is on the

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Pluggable Storage Engines - What is the potential?
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I started this post a month ago, but after Kaj’s discussion on the same topic at the MySQL Camp I figured it was time to post.

I had dinner with a friend recently (a very smart friend), and our conversation lead him to ask “What’s different with MySQL?”. One of the things I tried to describe was the “Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture” (PSE) potential for the future that I expect will set MySQL apart from all other Open Source and even commercial databases.

Here are some details of the example I tried to provide, given somebody who understands enough of the general principles of RDBMS’s.

Consider the ability that information (intelligent data) is available within a Relational Database via the appropriate tools and language (e.g. SQL) but it is not physically

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The desire for Performance SQL Tips
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It seems, people are clammering for a more consolidated help guide for SQL Performance tips.

Jay Pipes at the MySQL Camp ran a session Interactive Top 10 SQL performance Tips. There was plenty of input and discussion, and at the time Sheeri simply typed them into a wiki page for later work.

Well it seems even that rough list is popular at Del.icio.us ranking near the top of the Hot List on the front page. I saw it earlier and it was second or third, but didn’t think of taking a screen shot until now, but it’s still high.

I’d say that we could easily get the Top 10 for up to 10 different categories rather

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The MySQL Joust
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At our MySQL Camp Jay and Brian pitted off in the Umbrella Joust. Not sure if there was a winner, or a looser, but in the end no blood was split (except Leslie, but that’s another story).

See these and more camp photos at Flickr.

The Falcon!
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Some early notes by Brian Aker on Falcon as discussed at the MySQL Camp.

Falcon is a transactional engine MySQL will be introducing. The first discussions were held about 3 years ago with Ann Harrison and about 1 1/2 years ago, MySQL started taking seriously the possibilities.

Falcon is not an InnoDB replacement. It’s a different way of looking at the problem of how it looks at and manages transactions, and how it’s designed. It flips around the way data is stored. Some points:

  • It uses as much memory as possible, like Oracle SGA or InnoDB pool.
  • It has a row cache not a page cache for more optimal memory use.
  • No locking at all. Jim doesn’t believe in it for concurrency control. It has total versioning.
  • Falcon has to keep all changes in memory, so not great for user transactions that may take
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Day 3 - Memorable Quotes
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The final day of the MySQL Camp quotes. See also Day 1 and Day 2.

“Patches on Patches on Patches.” — Jeremy in his Query Profiler patch talk.

“I bagged Jeremy, no I mean I bashed Jeremy and all I got was this badge.” — Sheeri

“You have an enum of ‘Red’, ‘Blue’, and ‘Yellow’, and what is the result if you add 1 five times to the value of the enum.”
— Brian Aker Quiz question. The answer is Blue, and the winner was Taso. Why. You will need to do the certification example, or email me and I’ll tell you.

“High bandwidth opaque identifier” — Chuckie talking about his Unique Internet Id

“So you have until the end of lunch to work

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Monty gave us a quick overview of next generation of MyISAM. It is set to include:

  • New data disk format
  • Transaction support
  • multi-versioning
  • row level locking and escalation to table level locks. (interesting)
  • bitmap indexes and new table scanning optimizing indexes with up to 1000x times performance.

No details of time frame were given for delivery, however development is well underway.

Doxygen Project
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What the?

Well this is the inheritance diagram of the Item Class in the MySQL 5.1 Source tree, nicely documented using the Doxygen tool as mentioned by Jay in his presentation at MySQL Camp.

Jay started the Community Doxygen Project on the Forge to improve the level of commenting enabling a better platform for the community to contribute MySQL server code changes.

At this early stage David Shrewsbury is working on fine tuning initial documentation examples for QA and review. You can check out the Status Page of automated commenting conversion.

You can see the present documentation of MySQL 5.1 source here.

Aussies at Google
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My new Google family since I’ve now moved to the US. Ronald, James, Michael, Shona and Kynan (front). James has literally been here in the US only a few days more then me, and he has an amazing Day 1 story.

Apparently there are a reasonable number of Australians now working for Google. Another interesting fact is the male/female ratio is 6:1 which is extremely high in comparison to the IT industry and IT related university studies.

The joys of working at Google
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So, mid morning especially after having a heavy and late night drinking with new friends in Palo Alto I was seeking at Day #3 of the MySQL Camp a high-caffeine pick me up drink. Yesterday I had a Bawls, and after enjoying it I was a little concerned that when I returned to New York I would not be able to buy it. You can get it at Think Geek but that’s more complicated then a local supermarket.

So after getting a Googler to get me to the cafe fridge we find out that there weren’t any there. No problem, lets just go this way I’m told. So we start a quick tour of the larger cafe area and another set of fridges but no Bawls, we keep walking, no more again. At this time

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Return to Google Lobby - Camp Photo
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Early on Sunday Day #3, I dragged a few willing participants out for a “different photo” based on the umbrellas in each Lobby. It worked out well. Special thanks to Kynan who ran around to other lobby’s to find additional umbrellas. (He is the one holding the white one, and yes, that’s a utility Kilt).

I’ll be uploading more in this series to My Flickr Photos MySQL Camp 01 soon.

You can get a larger copy of image Here.

MySQL Replibeertion
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MySQL Replibeertion was the last scheduled session on Day 2, but not withstanding there was free beer (a lot of), there was a serious side with a Replication Discussion.

One of the first questions by Jeremy was “Are the any big replication users?” to which Sheeri quickly replied “Are you calling me fat again”.

This was a highly interactive session, here are some of the points from the audience.

Some Uses of Replication

  • Backup
  • Hot standby
  • Scaling
  • Data Warehousing
    • Slaves are larger then your database
  • For no special reason
  • Consolidation of multiple sources
  • Support for multiple indexes


  • Can break
  • replication lag
  • bi-directional replication is not supported
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Day 2 - Memorable Quotes
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Continuing on from my Day 1 - Memorable Quotes from the MySQL Camp.

“Are there any big replication users” — Jeremy “Are you calling me fat again” — Sheeri

“Only some of us have problems with interruptions.” — Jeremy to Jay

“It really really sucks in production systems.” — Jeremy About Slave management by Master.

“So there are like 12 people here, it must be the CEO’s turn to talk.” — Marten Mickos MySQL CEO

“Kegs and Eggs” — Joel S. Regarding all beer that will still be available at breakfast tomorrow.

“You can fight to the death for it”, Jeremy to his two employees Joel and Justin about who gets to be called employee #1.

“Patches go to employee

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MySQL Winter of Code
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Our first session in Day 2 of the MySQL Camp was the MySQL Winter of Code, as well as an overview of the QA Pilot program and Overview of the Community Doxygen Project by Kaj Arnö and Jay Pipes.

Starting with discussions on Code Contributions & MySQL Winter of Code

Quality Contributer Program

  • More coding happens during wintertime then in summer
  • MySQL has less contributions than many other Open Source projects
  • Contributor License Agreement
    • We want to award contribution more then nominally
    • We want to encourage contributions in all areas
    • We prefer contributions in certain areas (especially encourage them)

Requirements for Winter of Code

  • A signed Contributor License Agreement
  • A well-formed proposal
  • Votes from the Community and/or
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They start young nowadays
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Colin, son of Gary is officially the youngest attendee of the MySQL Camp. The new breed of MySQL DBA’s.

Colin really loves the swivel chairs, and now has is own Google shirt courtesy of Leslie!

Also check it out on Gary’s site.

Day 1 - Memorable Quotes
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Plenty of people are writing highly technical stuff from MySQL Camp including your’s truly. However there needs to be a lighter side here, and well this is it, Memorable Quotes.

“That’s moderately easy to difficult.” Brian Aker talking about table_funcs in A MySQL Core Kernel

“That’s Trivial, it’s less then a day’s work”, Monty, also in “A MySQL Core Kernel”, of course Monty said “It’s Trivial” several times, and that’s fine, it probably is trivial and is a day’s work for the guru’s, the problem is there are presently 6,000 trivial day’s work on the list of things to do.

“I’m trying to estimate when my finger will fall off.” — Jay Pipes You had to be there. I

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Testing on the toilet
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Yes you got it, even while in the restroom here at Google (you can’t say toilets here in the US, because that’s the device), Google keeps you occupied while standing or sitting with the writings of “Testing on the Toilet”.

In Episode 19, TOTT talks about “Converting Old Style Tests”. An interesting read, rather then the daily grind of the front page of USA Today, plus as well as something that can be obviously changed at a longer frequency.

So how was the toilet experience here at MySQL Camp. Well you have toilet warming seats , my first experience, it was a little weird, and then you get the builtin “bidet” as well, with the ability for front cleaning, rear cleaning and then drying. Now that was really weird.

There has been a policy

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MySQL Camp - Introductions & Comments
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The great thing about this unconference, is the lack of total formal structure. For now , our first session we are having an open introduction of people, there are at good 60+ people here already, and people rolling in, and it’s great to hear people’s background, and also to bag Jeremy Cole at every opportunity. We have a variety of people from various backgrounds, companies and experience levels.

We are in the Kiev room, with power build into the desks, lots of desk space and full 360% swivel chairs. This is just another example of the company’s clear thinking about it’s requirements.

There have already been some very funny stories, I should have made more earlier notes. Here are some.

Adam Ritter (Proven Scaling ride winner) was the first to bag Oracle, really bold move with Ken Jacobs from

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Google update - another 2 mins later
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I’m outside enjoying a very lovely Danish and Orange juice with Jay and Leslie, and like 3 motorised scooters and a guy on a skateboard goes past. Did I mention how cool this place is!

Back in the foyer and Sheeri is sitting in the leather massage chair, as more people start streaming in. She has her laptop there and is IM’ing her boyfriend.

“So I’m in a massage chair at Google head quarters”. And his response is , “like right now”. Well here will be the photo and video when we find somebody with a card reader for my camera.

Jay’s looking a little worried, registrations are now over 200, 202, yesterday is was 150, and like 3 days ago, still in the 70s & 80s. People must have found out a free event at MySQL. We are going to kick people out that don’t

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My own Googlewear
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So like two minutes later, some official looking Google people come over and saw “Come on over and get your Google Shirt”. So before the last past is even cold, we have our own Googlewear.

A minute later, Leslie is back again saying, guys and lady (Just for Sheeri), “Contintental breakfast is ready in the room”. Now to check out the Google Food!

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Everybody here (that is not us visitors) are wearing Google shirts. It must be an official clothing label.

So Sheeri says “Actually they are just extras, they have been hired for the day.”

So the latest quote from Leslie is “Eat, joy and be merry, and stay inside the blue lines”. Of course I should also mention when we arrived the parking security guy said. “Follow the second yellow brick road”. This is going to be a weekend just of quotes!

I?m at Google Mountain View
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We have made it to MySQL Camp being held at Google Head Quarters in Mountain View California. Directions WOOT!!!

So we are at the lobby reception of Building 40, and I’m lounging back in a large green beanbag behind all the name tags, this is so cool, the problem is with all our technology, nobody yet has the capability to read the photos from a digital camera so I can upload it. Both Sheeri and myself have left the right stuff in our hotel room. So stay tuned.

Leslie our Google co-coordinator wants her business card to read “Hacker Herder” which sounds so cool. This whole weekend is going to be a blast. More to come.

The fridge is full
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At dinner at the MySQL Camp I found a new way these American’s store their ice.

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