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New in mk-query-digest: variance-to-mean ratio
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This isn’t actually new — it has been out for a few releases. The mk-query-digest tool from Maatkit now outputs information about each class of queries’ variance-to-mean ratio. The new output goes in a couple of places, including perhaps most usefully the “profile” report. Here’s an example from a real MySQL system:

# Profile
# Rank Query ID           Response time    Calls R/Call Apdx V/M   Item
# ==== ================== ================ ===== ====== ==== ===== =======
#    1 0xBFCF8E3F293F6466 11256.3618 68.1% 78069 0.1442 1.00  0.21 SELECT [redacted]
# …
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Optimizing SQL Performance – The Art of Elimination
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The most efficient performance optimization of a SQL statement is to eliminate it. Cary Millsap’s recent Kaleidoscope presentation again highlighted that improving performance is function of code path. Removing code will improve performance.

You may think that it could be hard to eliminate SQL, however when you know every SQL statement that is executed in your code path obvious …

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A review of Guerrilla Capacity Planning by Neil Gunther
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Guerrilla Capacity Planning

Guerrilla Capacity Planning. By Neil J. Gunther, Springer 2007. Page count: about 200 pages, plus appendixes. (Here’s a link to the publisher’s site.)

Of all the books I’ve reviewed, this one has taken me the …

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Cary Millsap: Thinking Clearly about Performance
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Cary Millsap has a concise, readable paper on performance. Anyone involved in database performance optimization should read it. Cary’s writing has heavily influenced the mk-query-digest tool for analyzing MySQL/PostgreSQL/Memcached/HTTP query performance, and I think you’ll get a lot more from mk-query-digest if you read this paper — and you should also read his book, …

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Book review: Optimizing Oracle Peformance
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Optimizing Oracle Performance by Cary Millsap and Jeff Holt uses Oracle to make its points, but these points apply also to MySQL. The primary lesson I took away from this book is: all else aside, optimize/fix the user-action that provides the most economic benefit to the company; do this by profiling just that action and optimizing/fixing the most time-consuming events even if they are “idle” or “wait” events.

The authors call the aforementioned approach to performance optimization “Method R”. It’s meant to be deterministic and teachable unlike “Method …

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Response-time optimization in systems that are queued
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The best overall method of performance optimization is optimization for response time. Users care about response time, not load average or cache hit ratios. The job of a system is to accept some request and do the required work, and deliver a result. The time elapsed between the request and the result is the response time.

Methods of Response Time Optimization

Not all optimization methods are created equal. Here are a few I see commonly.

  • No method. Most people simply have no method of performance optimization at all. They just look for things that look “bad” and try to make …
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A review of Optimizing Oracle Performance by Cary Millsap
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Optimizing Oracle Performance

Optimizing Oracle Performance. By Cary Millsap, O’Reilly 2003. Page count: about 375 pages with appendices. (Here’s a link to the publisher’s site.)

This is easily one of the best books I’ve ever read on …

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Sessions of interest at the Percona Performance Conference
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Having written about what I think is cool about the upcoming MySQL Conference and the MySQL Camp, now I want to finish up with what I’d like to see at the Percona Performance Conference. Just to recap, this is a conference we created to serve those who want to learn about performance — not “learn about MySQL,” not “learn about database performance,” just learn about performance, period.

I want to see everything. I think this is going to be the single best conference I’ve ever been to. Even the way the conference is organized is exciting. For …

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