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Homebrew (Mac OS X) and MariaDB 10.0 series
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Today I performed a brew update. I noticed that MariaDB now exists as stable (5.5.30) and devel (10.0.2). Brew formulas also exist for MySQL (5.6.10) and Percona Server (5.5.30-30.2) now. 10.0.3 is around the corner but I wanted to run 10.0.2 now. This is how I did it:

brew unlink mariadb
brew install --devel mariadb

It’s that simple!

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  • On Ma.gnolia, and data recovery
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    There’s a good podcast from Chris Messina and Larry Halff, about what really happened at Ma.gnolia. If you’re at all interested in what happened (i.e. how did they lose all their bookmark data), don’t hesitate to watch the video. I took some quick notes:

    • half a terabyte database file got corrupted
    • a mysql 5 database
    • everything was running even though there was corruption, and eventually, the site went down
    • backup system also failed, as it didn’t backup the data from mysql
    • backup was just backing up corrupted data (file sync over a firewire network was the backup mechanism)
    • a Rails application, he now recommends clouds over running your own infrastructure for startups
      [Read more...]
    Incremental backup that uses MySQL
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    A while back, Ted Ts’o asked for a incremental backup solution that used a database. It reminded me of the talk at the 2009 MySQL Conference & Expo, titled Build your own MySQL time machine.

    Chuck and Mats will talk about the backup and replication code, and will show off a web interface, that allows you to go back in time, similar to Apple’s Time Machine in Mac OS X. Its a talk that I most certainly want to attend, as an avid Time Machine user.

    Register for the MySQL Conference & Expo 2009 before February 16, and you’ll get an early  [Read more...]
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