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MySQL Query Analyzer and PHP
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Today we've released a few things for PHP and MySQL users: One is the first (and probably only) beta of the mysqlnd_ms plugin for MySQL Replication and Load Balancing support and the first GA version of a PHP plugin for the Query Analyzer of the MySQL Enterprise Monitor.

Ulf blogged a lot about mysqlnd_ms, so I don't have to repeat him here. what I want to talk about is the other one. So what is that about?

When running a PHP-based application with MySQL it is often quite interesting to see what actually happens on …

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Enable MySQL Enterprise Plugin for Connector/NET
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Figure 1. Source Location

In a prior post ( Trace SQL From Database to Source Code ), I showed how to enable SQL trace capabilities for java/MySQL application to trace SQL statements from the database to the exact line of code from which the statement was executed (see Figure 1).  In this post, I’ll enable SQL tracing in the sample C# …

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"How to find the source of queries in MySQL Query Analyzer" or "SQL comments in Query Analyzer"
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MySQL Enterprise Monitor offers a tool called "Query Analyzer" (QuAn). QuAn sits between any client app and the MySQL server and logs every query and its runtime statistics. A very cool tool for analyzing your SQL. More information is available here.If you identify a query, that needs some improvement, sometimes it is hard to identify the source of that query as well. With hundreds of different PHP scripts for example it is not easy to know, …

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SQL query analysis with MySQL Proxy
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Long before there was the official Query Analyzer (QUAN), a component of MySQL Enterprise, SQL analysis was possible using MySQL Proxy.

The following is an introduction to logging and query analysis with MySQL Proxy.

Get MySQL Proxy

You need to first download MySQL Proxy. In this example I am using the Linux RHEL5 64bit OS and Version 0.7.2

$ wget …
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The Query Analyzer — a potential Killer App?
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There have been plenty of blog entries and writings about the MySQL Query Analyzer, for what I think are good reasons. Labeling it a potential Killer App, causing many MySQL users to become paying Sun customers, may be a daring thing. However, the Query Analyzer might very well have what it takes. The key benefit of it is that it identifies the source of performance …

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