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common_schema booth on Percona Live 2013
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common_schema booth in Percona Live 2013 (someone left their soup on our table)

Allen Kinnard

Yay! I got a booth!

I confess it was mostly deserted. My hero Allen Kinnard, whom I've never met before, was kind enough to volunteer to occupy the booth.
So between him and me, both of course also looking to visit other booths and talk to people, the common_schema booth was only moderately attended.

Well, …

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[MySQL] Deleting/Updating Rows Common To 2 Tables – Speed And Slave Lag Considerations
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A question I recently saw on Stack Overflow titled Faster way to delete matching [database] rows? prompted me to organize my thoughts and observations on the subject and quickly jot them down here.

Here is the brief description of the task: say, you have 2 MySQL tables a and b. The tables contain the same type of data, for example log entries. Now you want to delete all or a subset of the entries in table a that exist in table b.

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c,mm,n - Open Source defining the future of Mobility
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Today was at the faculty of Industrial Design in Delft to attend the first 'c,mm,n Garage' event. c,mm,n - pronounced as common - is a project to develop sustainable mobility. It is led by Stichting Natuur en Milieu, The Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment and currently the main participants are students from a number of Dutch technical universities.

Right now, engineering efforts are focused on a clean, remanufacturable car that runs on electricity generated by a hydrogen fuel cell:
The car is almost completely built out of …

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