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MySQL, NetBeans and SQL Editor
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I have been busy lately thanks to my internship project, which almost got screwed up. I was working in a team of 4 people, where we were building a web application, that was initially deployed at JBoss Server using JBoss Eclipse IDE (old version). Also, we had to interact with the centralized Oracle Server to setup our database for running the website.

Now, having being trained on some of those technologies in past few months, I thought it won’t be much of an issue. However, at the beginning of this month, I faced some weird issues which had no obvious answers. There weren’t any silly mistakes either. We were facing some issues with Oracle …

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JavaFX as Rich Internet Application Platform
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JavaOne wrapped up on Friday. We hosted individuals from across the globe, and from every industry: consumer electronics and gaming, to enterprise IT, space exploration, factory automation, the automotive industry, academia - like the network itself, Java delivers something for nearly everyone, everywhere.

This year's biggest announcements centered around Java's role in the future of rich internet applications (or RIA's). What's a rich internet application? It depends on your perspective - from mine, it's any network connected application that persists in front of a user, typically outside a browser, that can operate when disconnected from the network.

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