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Interview with Tomas Ulin at the MySQL Innovation Day
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MySQL Innovation Day held on June 5, 2012 was a great event for the MySQL engineers, users and customers to gather, share and network. I was able to get a few minutes with Tomas Ulin, Vice President of MySQL Engineering at Oracle, to ask him some questions. Here are the highlights of my interview with Tomas.

Monica: This was the first MySQL Innovation Day, correct?  Why now, what was the strategy behind hosting this kind of event?

Tomas: In the last year, we have rolled out an incredible number of MySQL events …

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OTN Developer Day: MySQL is Coming to Washington, DC
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We organized our first OTN Developer Day: MySQL earlier this year in Santa Clara, CA, and the result far exceeded our expectation. Before we kicked off the seminar at 9am, the attendees had already taken every single seat in the beautiful auditorium …

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A guide to The 451 Group’s open source software coverage
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Regular visitors to the 451 CAOS Theory blog will be well aware of The 451 Group’s CAOS (Commercial Adoption of Open Source) research service and our CAOS long-form reports.

They are probably less aware of the open source coverage that The 451 Group provides on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis, however, and I thought it would be worthwhile to provide some examples of The 451 Group’s ongoing open source coverage by highlighting a few recent reports.

The company’s core services are …

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Sun Tech Day in Cagliari
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Five years after coming back to Italy from abroad, I am about to hold the first official work-related event in my hometown of Cagliari, Sardinia. Since 2003, I have been on the podium many times, but each presentation meant a flight across the sea.

Thanks to Sun's Tech Days initiative, the University of Cagliari is hosting an event where Sun employees and well known …

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Give it Back.
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As you know, Sun's open source software and microprocessor strategy has been, at times controversial. We've filled trade journals and chat rooms with all kinds of dialog and the occasional crackpot conspiracy theory.

As many have rightly assumed from the outset, that controversy was, in fact, not a byproduct of the strategy - it was the strategy: if you're talking about Sun, you're not talking about the other guy. And then you'll buy a datacenter.

But now that we've firmly established our reputation for open source leadership, I'm very worried there's no more controversy to be …

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