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Setting up and Using MySQL Replication
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MySQL Replication allows servers to copy changes from one instance to another. Take the MySQL for Database Administrators course to learn about replication, including:

  • How to set up a replication environment
  • Complex topologies
  • Replication types
  • Global transaction IDs (GTIDs)
  • MySQL Utilities
  • Logs and threads

Replication is one of the many topics covered in the MySQL for Database Administrators course. You can take this 5-day instructor-led course as  

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Save 20% With MySQL Training and Certification Packages
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Get the best from both worlds with bundled packages: a training course and a certification exam voucher. You save 20% when you buy training and certification in discount packages.

Training helps you acquire product expertise. Certification proves this expertise to your future employers.

There are two MySQL Discount Packages: MySQL Database Administration and MySQL Developer.

For more information about the authentic MySQL curriculum, go to http://education.oracle.com/mysql.

MySQL Utilities Make a DBA More Efficient and Productive
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MySQL Utilities provide a collection of command line utilities that make it easy for database administrators to maintain and administer MySQL servers. The utilities perform a range of otherwise complex operations via a simple command, making DBAs more efficient and productive.

There are utilities for copying databases, comparing databases running on different servers, checking disk usage and for redundant or duplicate indexes, automatic failover, verifying replication configuration, cloning a running server, and working with audit logs. You can use all these utilities either standalone or with MySQL Workbench.

You can learn about MySQL Utilities and much more by taking the

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MySQL 5.6 Certification Now GA!
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The MySQL 5.6 certification exams (Developer and DBA) are now GA!  A big thanks to all those who sat for the extended length beta exams – and subsequently waited for several months for your results.  Your feedback and the data collected from many beta testers helped ensure the final exams are high quality. A huge thanks also goes to the MySQL staff at Oracle who produced, edited and verified exam questions, in addition to their normal job

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Demonstrate Your Expertise with MySQL 5.6 Certifications
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Demonstrate your expertise with MySQL 5.6, and improve your career prospects, by taking the new MySQL 5.6 certifications:

These certifications give you a competitive advantage, by proving you have a skill set that is in demand, worldwide, while demonstrating your commitment to continuous learning.You can sign up now for these certifications via PearsonsVue.

To pass these certifications you need to have a good knowledge of the relevant areas of MySQL and

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MySQL - An Excellent Choice for a Low Cost Embedded Database
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MySQL is an excellent choice for a low cost embedded database. Over 3,000 ISVs, OEMs and VARs choose MySQL for this purpose and benefit from significant cost savings when compared to using a competing database product.

The MySQL for Developers training course teaches you how to plan, design and implement applications using MySQL. Expert Oracle University instructors teach you through realistic examples, interactive instruction and hands-on exercises.

This course brings you lots of interesting facts. For example, the 'libmysqld' library is effectively a MySQL server in its own right. it is shipped as part of the standard MySQL installation. Developers with C/C++ ability can embed this library

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Three Weeks Remain to Take Beta MySQL Server Certification Exams
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Thousands of people have testified to the value of the Oracle Certification Program as follows:

  • 97% said they have benefited from certification.
  • 96% would recommend the program to a professional colleague.
  • 89% said they gained more confidence in their expertise after becoming certified.

You have until December 21st to take the new MySQL Server 5.6 Certification exams in their beta form. A reminder of what is on offer:

Until December

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MySQL, Best of Both Worlds with SQL and NoSQL
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We are announcing the new MySQL for Developers course. This training:

  • Takes advantage of both SQL and NoSQL
  • Shows you how to plan, design and implement applications
  • Brings you realistic examples, interactive instruction and hands-on exercises using Java and PHP
  • Covers MySQL 5.6 features including optimizer improvements
  • Helps you prepare for the MySQL 5.6 Developer certification.

You can take this course as a:

  • Live-virtual event: Take this course from your own office; no
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Persistent statistics and partitions
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Today when I was studying for the MySQL 5.6 exams.

I was studying for these two items:
  • Create and utilize table partitioning
  • Obtain MySQL metadata from INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables

The first step is to create a table, partition it with a hash.
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.04 sec)

mysql> INSERT INTO pfoo(name) VALUES('test01'),('test02'),('test03'),('test04'),
-> ('test05'),('test06'),('test07'),('test08'),('test09'),('test10'),('test11');
Query OK, 11 rows affected (0.00 sec)
Records: 11 Duplicates: 0 Warnings: 0

mysql> SELECT * FROM pfoo;
| id | name |
| 4 | test04

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Exam Cram: General MySQL Syntax for Developers (Section 2)
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The General MySQL Syntax section of the MySQL 5.6 Developer certification exam is a bit meatier than the MySQL Architecture section covered in my last post, but it’s still likely to be very familiar to experienced MySQL developers (or DBAs):

  • Explain MySQL implementation of identifiers including case sensitivity, qualified names, aliases and use of reserved words
  • Identify MySQL data type properties and appropriate usage
  • Recognize and use common functions and expressions for all MySQL data types
  • Identify and use comment syntax
  • Describe and utilize prepared statements
  • Describe transactions and transaction isolation levels
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Get MySQL 5.6 Certified at a Much Reduced Price
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You have already heard the great news that you can now prove your knowledge of MySQL Server 5.6 with the new MySQL certification exams:

Until December 21th 2013, these exams are beta phase so you get a fully-fledged certification at a much reduced price; for example $50 in the United States or 39 euros in the euro zone.

There is a lot of excitement around these new

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MySQL Certification Study: Write a basic .NET application that uses MySQL
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I've registered for the MySQL 5.6 beta exams, just like many more on Planet MySQL have done.

One of the topics for the MySQL 5.6 Developer exam is: "Write a basic .NET application that uses MySQL".

I have used Connector/Net a few times the last few years, but the last time I looked at some code involving Connector/Net was when I took the MySQL 5 Developer exam, which was long ago.

I'm using Linux on both my laptop and on servers for most projects. So I don't use or see many .NET code.

So I need a short refresh.

To use Connector/Net on Linux you will need to install Mono. The base for .NET is CIL, which exists in at least 4 versions: 1.0, 2.0 and 4.0. To compile C# code with mono you need the command which correspondends with the CIL version you are using.
  • CIL 1.0: mcs
  • CIL 2.0: gmcs
  • CIL

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Exam Cram: MySQL Architecture for Developers (Section 1)
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The first section in the exam topics for both the MySQL 5.6 Developer and DBA exam deals is titled MySQL Architecture, but each has a different emphasis.  This blog will focus on those objectives listed for the Developer exam:

  • Use MySQL client programs to interface with the MySQL Server interactively and in batch
  • Describe SQL Modes and their impact on behavior of MySQL
  • Identify characteristics which have session scope

For those of us who have spent time pulling both DBA and developer duties, this section is likely to be relatively straight-forward – perhaps even easy.  I’ll walk through the exercises and documents I’ve used to review below to kick off my

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Exam Cram: Preparing for the MySQL 5.6 certification exams
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As noted in earlier posts, exams for the MySQL 5.6 Developer and DBA certifications are entering a beta period, allowing candidates to register for the exams at steep discounts from normal certification exam fees.  I’ve registered to take both exams late this month, and – like Moritz – I’m starting to prepare for the exams now.  For those considering sitting for the exams, my plan is to document my exam preparation in a series of blog entries.  This won’t be a

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MySQL Certifications
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For those of you wishing to capitalize on your hard-earned MySQL skills, there are two new MySQL certifications based on MySQL version 5.6:

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MySQL 5.6-DBA and Developer-Certification in Beta-Status (low price!)
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Recently Todd  blogged about why you should register for MySQL 5.6 certification exams now: http://mysqlblog.fivefarmers.com/2013/10/04/why-you-should-register-for-mysql-5-6-certification-exams-now/ and i also think that now is a good opportunity to renew or take a new mysql certification.

The most interesting point in my opinion is that you can save a lot of money if you take the exam NOW! The exam price is 50 dollar (39 Euro) till 14.12.2013.

So, if you want to update your, probably years old, mysql certification now is the time!  You can search for a test center and register for the exam here:


Be aware that you won’t get your results directly but after a few weeks. Also there are about 150-220 questions! Phew! All information about the exam can be found

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Why you should register for MySQL 5.6 certification exams now
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I’ve previously shared my excitement over the coming Oracle Certified Professional exams for MySQL 5.6 (both Developer and DBA), and I’m putting my (employer’s) money where my mouth is – I’ve registered to sit for the DBA exam in early November (some test sites have limited opportunities; interested candidates should consider booking now).  Here’s why I think others should do the same:

Low cost

During the beta period (through December 14), the cost of the exam is only $50 USD.  That’s barely more than the cost of a book or study guide these days, and a significant savings from the normal exam prices.

Full certification

Those who pass the exam will be given a full

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New MySQL 5.6 Developer Certification Exam
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You may have already seen the news: Oracle is launching an updated certification for MySQL Developers, based on MySQL Server 5.6.  This is exciting to me for several reasons that I want to share:

Only one exam

Earlier versions of the MySQL Developer certification required sitting for two separate exams.  One goal in redefining the certification process was to make it more accessible to candidates, and reducing the cost – in both time and money – developers need to invest in examinations.  This obviously presented a challenge to cover the same material – actually more, when you consider MySQL 5.6 features – in fewer questions, but we feel we’ve done it.

Content from the experts

Content creation for this exam has

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Flaghip Course of the Authentic MySQL Curriculum
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The MySQL for Database Administrators training course is the flagship course of the authentic MySQL curriculum.

To bring this 5-day, instructor-led course to the largest number of students at their convenience, this course is not only available at a wide-selection of locations around the world, but also through two delivery methods where there is no travel required:

  • Training-on-Demand: Take this course from your own desk at your own pace, following lecture material through streaming video and setting your own schedule to perform lab exercises.
  • Live-Virtual Class: Attend a live class from your own desk.

In addition to these

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New MySQL Certification Exams
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Want to prove your expertise with MySQL? Why not get certified.

Oracle has just announced the release of the new MySQL Certification Path including the:

You can register for these certification exams from today. Learn more about these certifications on the Oracle University blog.

Successful candidates will require a strong MySQL experience. Although

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Open Source Certification , Friend or Foe
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With 2 of the bigger Open Source projects I care about talking about certifications programs questions pop up again ...

Should we certify ourselves ?

So let me tell you about my experiences in getting Open Source related Certifications ..

Over a decade ago, (2001) when RedHat was still Redhat and not yet Fedora the company I was working for was about to partner with RedHat and needed to get a number of people certified for that.

So I took the challenge, I bored myselve to death during a 4 day RedHat fast track training and set out to do the exam the next day. Obviosly I scored pretty well given my yearlong experience in the subject. Back then I was told that I scored the one but European Record on the exam which was actually held by another collegue (hey Ico) , our CTO however was not amused when I told that I could have scored better but I

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OSS-DB Database certification
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What will be first? The new and updated MySQL certification or the new OSS-DB exam which is announced by LPI in Japan?

The OSS-DB is only for PostgreSQL for now, but will cover more opensource databases in the future.

There seem to be two levels:

  • Silver: Management consulting engineers who can improve large-scale database

  • Gold: Engineers who can design, development, implementation and operation of the database

The google translate version can be found here. I found this info on Tatsuo Ishii's blog
Oracle Selects Pearson VUE to Deliver MySQL Certification Exams
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Effective June 1, 2011, MySQL certification exams will be offered exclusively through a new test delivery partner — Pearson VUE — and will no longer be available through Prometric. This will consolidate all Oracle Certification exams within the operations of a single testing vendor so we can provide better service and global testing coverage for these Oracle certification exams. Pearson VUE currently has over 5,000 test centers worldwide in 165 countries.

To help prepare you for this transition, here are some important dates for you to be aware of:
  • If you are currently following a certification path and are planning to take an exam on/after June 1: Registration has began at Pearson VUE on May 16, 2011 for all scheduled exams on or after June 1. Visit pearsonvue.com/oracle to create a new web account

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MySQL Certification
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According to the Oracle website the following certifications are available for MySQL:

There were two new versions released since MySQL 5.0. MySQL 5.0 was released in 2005, that's more than 5 years ago. And "MySQL 5.1 Cluster Database"?

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No North Texas Users Group Meeting in May, new job
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There will not be a May meeting of the North Texas MySQL Users Group but I am scrambling to get us a great location for the June meeting. I have left my Job with MySQL/Sun/Oracle and am no longer responsible for MySQL Certifications. That means my access to the Sun office were we have been meeting is ended also.

I am now the Customer Service Manager for Calpont and the InfiniDB storage engine. InfiniDB is column based, multi-threaded, and the community edition is open source. If you run intensive reports against InnoDB or MyIsam databases, you need to investigate this product. And if you regularly run massive queries in data warehousing or business analytic operation that you need to see how the massively parallel process architecture of the enterprise product can make life

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July was one of the best months for MySQL Certification
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270 folks took MySQL Certification exams in July and 118 earned certifications. This is our best month outside of our annual Users Conference. For the fiscal year, MySQL Certifications were up 150.27% over the previous year.

Since the program inception, we had almost 8,000 exams taken and over 3,300 certifications. Not bad but it pales in comparison to Java exams and certifications.

Prometric is our new testing partner. Those of you with unexpired Pearson VUE vouchers can request a exchange by contacting Certification@sun.com with your Voucher ID number. And those of you wishing to sign up for the exams (they are part of the Sun 310-series at http://www.prometric.com/Sun/default.htm) need to contact you local Sun sales office to purchase a voucher.

And the North Texas MySQL Users Group meets tonight -- see

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MCDBA Certification – KPIs
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A few interesting KPIs about certified people and their current location (the fact that many people travel from one country to the other for work is very popular these days especially in the IT sector): Before starting to read, I am hereby assuming the MySQL list of MCDBAs is on a residence basis not citizenship. There are [...]
A taste of MySQL certification on Facebook
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Do you plan to take the MySQL Certification (http://www.mysql.com/certification/)?

Or, are you just curious to know how good you are at MySQL ?

If you use Facebook, and chances are that you do, then you should give a try to the MySQL Quiz Application.

Well, it is not like the real certification, but it's fun, and some of the questions are hard enough to give you pause.

The MySQL Quiz Application was created by Dave Stokes, the MySQL certification manager. Thanks, Dave!

A taste of MySQL certification on Facebook
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Do you plan to take the MySQL Certification (http://www.mysql.com/certification/)?

Or, are you just curious to know how good you are at MySQL ?

If you use Facebook, and chances are that you do, then you should give a try to the MySQL Quiz Application.

Well, it is not like the real certification, but it's fun, and some of the questions are hard enough to give you pause.

The MySQL Quiz Application was created by Dave Stokes, the MySQL certification manager. Thanks, Dave!

A taste of MySQL certification on Facebook
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Do you plan to take the MySQL Certification (http://www.mysql.com/certification/)?

Or, are you just curious to know how good you are at MySQL ?

If you use Facebook, and chances are that you do, then you should give a try to the MySQL Quiz Application.

Well, it is not like the real certification, but it's fun, and some of the questions are hard enough to give you pause.

The MySQL Quiz Application was created by Dave Stokes, the MySQL certification manager. Thanks, Dave!

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