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The search for MySQL 5.5
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So, MySQL 6.0 was ditched, and a few weeks ago 5.4 was also – its features to be added in other (earlier) versions (I’m told 5.2 but not sure). I reckon that’s good news, regardless of the version number. There was also an announcement about a change in the release mechanism at Sun/MySQL.

Now for practicals. If I look on Launchpad, the 5.1 branch is the only active one (next to 5.0 fixes, of course). 5.4 was last updated 15 weeks ago. There is no 5.2 on there that I can find. Wasn’t looking for it really, just happened to notice its absence while I was trying to find 5.5. And the reason for that was …

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සිංහල, Sinhalese collation
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If you search for Sinhala, a large fraction of the links you'll see point to something written by Harshula "hash" Jayasuriya. Sinhala is a very, very old language, but it's not very well developed on computing platforms. Its script is most often represented in Unicode, but the default Unicode collation table (DUCET) doesn't order its words ("collate") properly. Thus, MySQL didn't order it properly.

To fix that, hash recently submitted a …

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