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Stopping a Runaway Rollback due to Failing Mass Import or ALTER TABLE
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I ran into this the other day, and while the solution is documented in the manual, it was kind of buried, so I thought I’d mention it here (and hopefully make it easier for others searching for this in the future).

In this specific instance, one was running a huge LOAD DATA (10 hours into it) and had to terminate the LOAD DATA command.

Terminating the command is one thing, but preventing InnoDB from trying to undo the rows that were inserted is another.

In this case, the LOAD DATA will easily re-create the table in question, so the existing table can be “thrown out”, so to speak. This, of course, is …

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Dealing with Assertion failure in log/log0recv.c – !page || (ibool)!!page_is_comp(page) == dict_table_is_comp(index->table)
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This is a somewhat uncommon error, so I wanted to take a moment and post the error and an explanation in order to make it easier for those who run into this in the future.

The main error is this (full pasted below):

InnoDB: Assertion failure in thread 139838283589376 in file log/log0recv.c line 1094
InnoDB: Failing assertion: !page || (ibool)!!page_is_comp(page) == dict_table_is_comp(index->table)

Basically, this is what it can look like after a power outage. In fact, this is the only time I have seen it, but I won’t say that it is the only way you could encounter it.

How do I deal with this, you ask?

Well, the above error shows that the …

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