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SwRI Chooses TokuDB to Tackle Machine Data for an 800M+ Record Database
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Tackling machine data on the ground to ensure successful operations for NASA in space

Issues addressed:

  • Scaling MySQL to multi-terabytes
  • Insertion rates as InnoDB hit a performance wall
  • Schema flexibility to handle an evolving data model

The Company:  Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is an independent, nonprofit applied research and development organization. The staff of more than 3,000 specializes …

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Tokutek Welcomes Gerry Narvaja!
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We are excited to have Gerry Narvaja start today at Tokutek! Gerry has spent more than 25 years in the software industry, most of them working with databases for different kinds of applications, from embedded to large-scale web products. Gerry worked first at MySQL, and then Sun Microsystems supporting the Sales teams. In 2008 he transitioned into being a Senior MySQL DBA. Gerry graduated as an Electronic Engineer from I.T.B.A (Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires) and has an M.B.A. from Universidad del Salvador in collaboration with S.U.N.Y.A (State University of NY at Albany). …

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Tokutek and PalominoDB Partner to Bring Scale, Performance to Database Deployments
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MySQL storage engine provider joins forces with leading database consultants to deliver support for growing number of MySQL and MariaDB customers

Lexington, MA – (May 2, 2012) – Tokutek, the leader in high-performance and agile database storage engines, today announced a strategic partnership with PalominoDB, a premier database operations and engineering consultancy, to provide database …

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TokuDB v6.0: Download Available
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TokuDB v6.0 is full of great improvements, like getting rid of slave lag, better compression, improved checkpointing, and support for XA.

I’m happy to announce that TokuDB v6.0 is now generally available and can be downloaded …

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My Talk on Tuesday at IOUG COLLABORATE 12
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Challenges of Big Databases with MySQL

Many database management tasks become difficult as you move from millions of rows and gigabytes of data to billions of rows and terabytes of data. Such tasks include ingesting data while maintaining indexes; changing schemas without downtime; and supporting connections, replication, and backup. For some scaling problems (connections and replication), MySQL is better than most of the competition. For others, such as indexing, schema changes, and …

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Percona MySQL Conference and Expo Week in Review
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Thanks to all of those who came by our booth and to see Leif’s presentation on Read Optimization, and to my Lightning Talk on OLTP and OLAP at the Percona MySQL Conference and Expo. It was an incredible week and a great place to launch …

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This Monday: Silicon Valley NewSQL Meetup
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This week, I was at Percona Live, and it was a lot of fun! I even got to give a talk on write optimization techniques (not just ours), that I’m told will be online soon.

But if you missed that, or even if you didn’t, I’m still in the valley until Monday night. I’ll be speaking very briefly, and fielding questions this Monday, April 16th, at 6PM, at the Silicon Valley NewSQL group’s …

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TokuDB v6.0: Frequent Checkpoints with No Performance Hit
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Checkpointing — which involves periodically writing out dirty pages from memory — is central to the design of crash recovery for both TokuDB and InnoDB. A key issue in designing a checkpointing system is how often to checkpoint, and TokuDB takes a very different approach from InnoDB. How often and how much InnoDB checkpoints is complicated, but under certain workloads it can be relatively infrequent. In contrast, TokuDB runs a complete checkpoint starting one minute after the last one ended.

Frequent checkpoints make for fast recovery. Once MySQL crashes, the storage engine needs to replay the log to get back to a correct state. …

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Announcing MariaDB 5.5.23 GA
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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB 5.5.23. This stable (GA) release incorporates MariaDB 5.3.6 and MySQL 5.5.23, some performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Please …

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TokuDB v6.0: Even Better Compression
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A key feature of our new TokuDB v6.0 release, which I have been blogging about this week, is compression. Compression is always on in TokuDB, and the compression we’ve achieved in the past has been quite good. See a previous post on the 18x compression achieved by TokuDB v5.0 on one benchmark. In our latest release, we’ve updated the way compression works and got 50% improvement on compression.

I decided to present numbers on the same set of data as the old post, so see …

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