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451 CAOS Links 2010.03.23
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Marten Mickos joins Eucalyptus. Novell rejects Elliot. Perspectives on OSBC. And more.

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“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

# Mårten Mickos was named CEO of Eucalyptus Systems.

# Novell’s board rejected Elliot’s takeover proposal as inadequate, will review other alternatives.

# North Bridge Venture Partners published the results of its Future of Open Source survey.

# Rob Bearden was appointed executive chairman of the board of Pentaho.

# The Eclipse Foundation

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CAOS Theory Podcast 2010.02.19
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Topics for this podcast:

*Jacobsen v. Katzer and open source impact
*Intel, Nokia team up for MeeGo open source OS
*Open source continues in embedded space
*MongoDB and the advent of the NoSQL databases
*Copyrights, complexities, control and conflict

iTunes or direct download (21:48, 6.07 MB)

CAOS Theory Podcast 2010.02.05
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Topics for this podcast:

*Matt Asay moves from Alfresco to Canonical
*GPL fade fuels heated discussion
*Apple’s iPad and its enterprise and open source impact
*Open source in data warehousing and storage
*Our perspective on Oracle’s plans for Sun open source

iTunes or direct download (32:50, 9.2 MB)

Linux/OSX: find out what network ports are in use
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To get a quick idea of what ports you have open on your local box, you can use nmap.

~ jhaddad$ nmap localhost
Starting Nmap 5.00 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2010-01-05 11:06 PST
Interesting ports on localhost (
Not shown: 499 closed ports, 492 filtered ports
80/tcp open http
88/tcp open kerberos-sec
548/tcp open afp
631/tcp open ipp
3306/tcp open mysql
3325/tcp open unknown
5900/tcp open vnc
9000/tcp open cslistener
10000/tcp open snet-sensor-mgmt

For more detailed information, try netstat:

netstat -an

You’ll get a breakdown of every socket open on your machine – useful for figuring out who’s connected and from where.


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MySQL 5.1.42 available for MacOS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
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A few days ago MySQL 5.1.42 got released and it is now available with builds for MacOS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)! The download website doesn't show it yet, but if you are burning to try, you can get it from the mirror-picking-website.

As usual, don't forget to checkout the changelog before upgrading!

If you want to compile it yourself, and need a universal binary, you could try my previous blog entry «Building MySQL universal binaries using MacOS X 10.6 (Snow

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Blog Statistics 2009
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Others have done it, so why shouldn’t I do it, too? Well, usually that’s not my line of thought, but when today I read David Linsin's blog post about his stats I thought I might follow along.

Overall stats

The overall visits to my blog – and countless others with no doubt – display the workday/weekend jagged line one would expect. The summer months seem to be a little lower on average, but that’s ok, people deserve their vacations. Blue line is 2009, green line is 2008 for comparison.

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Building MySQL universal binaries using MacOS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
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On the eve of 2010.. and your boss wants to stick to these MacOS X 10.5 machines, too stubborn or chicken to upgrade. Some developers still have their old PowerBook laptops and they need MySQL flying on PowerPC machines. To top it all, one guy said he wanted to have 32 and 64-bit in one bite. *Sigh* .. But there is an easy way out! A universal binary!

This post shows you a way to create MySQL universal binaries using MacOS X 10.6 so you can run them on MacOS X 10.5/10.6 whether it is PowerPC or Intel, or 32bit or 64bit.

However, if you need

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451 CAOS Links 2009.10.27
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Red Hat invests in EnterpriseDB. The White House goes open source. And more.

Follow 451 CAOS Links live @caostheory on Twitter and Identi.ca
“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

For the latest on Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL via Sun, see Everything you always wanted to know about MySQL but were afraid to ask

In other news…

# EnterpriseDB confirmed Red Hat investment, partnership.

# Whitehouse.gov migrated to Drupal, as well as Linux, Apache,

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Snow Leopard blues
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On Friday afternoon, I went to give a presentation about MySQL advanced features at the Sardegna Ricerche technology park. The presentation included a quick introduction to MySQL Sandbox, something that I have been doing for years, and I thought I could do blindfold, if required. However, something didn't go as expected.
Just when I was showing off how easy is it to install a MySQL sandbox from a tarball, I was faced by an unexpected error. The tar application was not among the recognized ones. As soon as I saw

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451 CAOS Links 2009.09.11
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CodePlex, patents and Linux code. An interesting few days for Microsoft open source.

Follow 451 CAOS Links live @caostheory on Twitter and Identi.ca
“Tracking the open source news wires, so you don’t have to.”

CodePlex, CodePlex, CodePlex!

Microsoft launched the CodePlex Foundation to facilitate open source contributions, and confirmed the departure of Sam Ramji.

Patents, Patents, Patents!
The OIN confirmed the acquisition of 22 patents formerly owned by Microsoft, prompting

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Microsoft revenues decline
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It's interesting that just as Apple announced surprisingly positive quarterly results, Microsoft announced their first decline in sales revenues in 23 years.  While Microsoft is not in any kind

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Nasty Safari bug not fixed since December :(
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A rotten little apple by Ashley Harding

Apple has had a nasty Safari bug since December which breaks SmugMug, Facebook, Gmail, and lots of US banks.

3 months later, it’s still not fixed. Your only option is to use Firefox if you’re affected.

Apple’s known about the problem since December, and has lots of internal bugs on the issue (30+ I last heard). (For my

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Using your Mac as a local web development environment.
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My last post was for all users, technical and non. This post is for the techies who know me, and are switching. Some are coming from Windows, some from Linux, some are designers who need to do some local development. So, I’ll try to keep this post as simple as possible, and perhaps more like a tutorial, where you can “copy and paste” commands and files.
If you’re going to be doing any kind of web development, chances are you’ll be deploying to a linux/unix server. I don’t know anything about Windows or IIS, so ignore this post if you’re looking for IIS help. I’m also assuming basic level of knowledge with how to find and edit files either via Finder, or via Terminal. For the non unix folks ~ for

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Welcome to OS X. or Yet Another Switchers Page 2.0
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Yet Another Switch Page 2.0

It’s been 4 years since I switched to the Mac. A few years ago I made a page for other switchers. I’m making a new list, as a lot of my friends have finally switched themselves, or are thinking about it. Please share and add your favorite apps in the comments.

The List
Here is the software I use, in order of importance to myself.

  • QuickSilver: If you don’t like using the mouse, this is your friend. It’s not just an app launcher, with the power of chaining, I can create tasks in RTM , straight to iCal, Calculator, and send quick emails with text snippets
  • Terminal.App: This comes with OS

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    How To – Access Files on Windows from Mac OS X
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    Background Knowledge

    With the use of Samba we are able to share files through a local network and make it appear as if the files are on the Mac OS X locally. The instructions below will step you through step by step on how to access files from the Mac OS X to a Windows XP/Vista™ system through the network.

    NOTE: Instructions to unblock network traffic through a software/hardware firewall are not provided. Refer to your software/network manual or support web site for details.

    NOTE: These instructions will not allow for sharing via the Internet.


    Setting up a file share in Windows XP

  • Open Windows Explorer/My Computer (press Windows Key+E) or go to the Windows Start Menu -> Programs -> Accessories -> Windows Explorer.
  • Browse to a
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    2009: Waiting to Exhale
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    Lots of blogs list a bunch of stuff that happened in the year just past, and I have done a year-in-review post before, but in looking back at posts on this blog and elsewhere, what strikes me most is not the big achievements that took place in technology in 2008, but rather the questions that remain unanswered. So much got started in 2008 — I’m really excited to see what happens with it all in 2009!

    Cloud Computing

    Technically, the various utility or ‘cloud’ computing initiatives started prior to 2008, but in my observation, they gained more traction in 2008 than at any other time. At the beginning of 2008, I was using Amazon’s S3, and testing to expand into more wide use of EC2 during my time as Technology Director for AddThis.com (pre-buyout). I was also investigating tons of other technologies that take different approaches to

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    451 CAOS Links 2008.12.02
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    MySQL 5.1 reaches GA. But is it ready for production deployments? SpringSource launches commercial version of Apache Tomcat. BusinessWeek focuses on open source business models and open source in the downturn. And more.

    Official announcements
    MySQL 5.1 Downloads — Generally Available (GA) release for production use Sun Microsystems

    SpringSource Launches tc Server; Continues to Redefine Application Server Market SpringSource

    Open Solutions Alliance Appoints New President, Announces New Leadership Team Open Solutions Alliance

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    Help me pick a new feed reader
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    I’ve been using Google Reader since it was created. I really love the *idea* of Google Reader. I like that scrolling through the posts marks them as read. I like that you can toggle between list and expanded views of the posts. I like that you can search within a feed or across all feeds (though selecting multiple specific feeds would be great).

    All of that said, I’d like to explore other avenues, because I don’t like that there’s, like, zero flexibility in how the Google Reader interface is configured. My problem starts with large fonts…

    I use relatively large fonts. If you increase the font twice up from the default size in firefox on a mac (using the cmd-+ keystroke, twice), and you have more than just a couple of feeds, you wind up with this really horrible side pane with the bottom half of it requiring a scroll bar, and

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    I’m a Top 25 Geek Blogger… for some value of “Top”
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    I’m not someone who wakes up every day and looks at how my blog is ranked by all of the various services. I check out my WordPress stats, but that’s really about it. However, someone went and did some of the work for me, and they’ve decided that, of the blogs that they read or that were suggested to them, this blog ranks #20 in a listing of 25.

    I’m really flattered, but wonder if it’s an indicator that this is a quality blog, or that they should aim higher in their blog reading ;-P  Either way, listing 25 bloggers in a flattering way is a fantastic marketing technique, because most of us are probably egomaniacal enough to say “Hey! Look!” and link back to the list on *your* blog, resulting in lots of traffic. Kudos, and thanks Mobile Maven!

    ... Managing GFv2, SMF in OpenSolaris, $30M in 30 Days, MySQL and GF, Kindle and Java
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    A concise compilation of today's news of interest to TheAquarium readers:

    Nazrul provides Links on GFv2 Monitoring, including GF-bundled tools, other Sun and 3rd party tools, documentation and web sites.

    Arun documents how to start the MySQL and GlassFish Bundle, with detailed steps and screenshots.

    Dave, writing in the SocialSite Blog, provides an Overview of the Apache Shindig REST API, which is used by the

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    Open Source: What You Own
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    My parents instilled upon me many values that I keep with me today. My twin brother and I are the youngest of four children, coming from a lower-middle class background. We children had the inevitable fights over material possessions, screeching “Mine! Mine!”

    My father’s response to this was to look at us and say “These toys are mine; I bought those toys with money I worked for. What’s yours is what you make with your bodies.” While the sentiment is arguably harsh, crude and bordering on vulgar, I cannot argue that he had a certain point.

    If you do not truly own something, you will be left squabbling like a child when your perceived ownership is threatened. When you assumed you owned something and the truth comes to light, you will be massively insecure and have a sense of injustice.

    A few points from

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    On the death of a monopolist
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    So it seems MySQL got on the radar of the monopolist, but the quotes that came from that event are more interesting .

    Over at Oscon2008 Oscon people started realizing that the old monopolist definitely isn't the one to be afraid of.. there's new ones out there..

    I already got quoted in a local magazine on the fact that new startups are more looking to Google than to redmond, but it also seems that Apple is the new kid in town to envy.

    However, when looking at the Linux desktop I think we shouldn't be trying to imitate anybody .. we should be trying to head the pack, just as we have already done with Vitualization and other technologies.

    New apps for the iPhone
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    Looks like there's been a slew of new applications enabled by Apple's new iPhone, SDK and app store. While a lot of the emphasis is on communications and games, there's a surprising number of good business applications. First to market among open source business applications for the iPhone are Pentaho with their open source Business Intelligence extension for dashboards, reports and drilldowns, Funambol with open source contact sync program, Zimbra with an open source email client, Zmanda with an iPhone client for their Enterprise backup tool, and SugarCRM with their offline client edition. I have no doubt that many more... READ MORE

    Useful stuff - 2008 - first half
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    Having a Google account is sometimes useful in ways you hadn’t planned for. For example, at a few different employers I’ve been at, I’ve had to prepare for reviews by providing a list of accomplishments to my supervisor. One decent tool for generating this list is email, though it can take some time. Another useful tool is the Web History feature of your Google account.

    Though this isn’t necessarily indicative of everything I’ve accomplished in the first half of 2008 per se, it’s definitely indicative of the types of things I’ve generally been into so far this year, and it’s interesting to look back. What does your Web History say?

    • Gearman - this is used by some rather large web sites, notably Digg. It reminds me a little of having Torque and Maui, but geared toward
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    Changing platforms
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    It's been a while since the last post. This is mostly due to me entering new territory in several ways. For one, I have been digging into JavaME development lately (platform change #1), building a mobile data entry and manipulation application that uses a an embedded database and talks to its server via Webservices, if connected. Otherwise data will be queued up locally and sent as soon as the
    Amazon MP3 Store has holes
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    A coworker found out how secure Amazon's MP3 store is.  Even big guys like Amazon make errors in their web site security.
    So, I clicked purchase and the album immediately started downloading. It was at this point that I had the thought cross my mind: "Did I update my credit card info?"

    Well, no, I didn't. Before the album finished downloading, I was trying to change the method of payment. Turns out, for a digital purchase, you can't do such a thing. So, I waited and wondered was was going to come of this...
    Trying out the iPod Touch
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    A buddy of mine just upgraded to an iPhone so he lent me his old iPod Touch to try out. I used it at the MySQL Conference along with my Palm Centro chick-phone to see if I could get away without dragging my laptop everywhere. And if I was successful, then I'd upgrade to an iPhone myself. I must admit, I was more impressed with hands-on use of the iPod Touch than I expected. It's small enough and light enough that you barely notice it in a jacket or pants pocket. And despite the small screen, the browsing experience via... READ MORE

    Sun Definitely Developing A Phone This Year
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    One thing that still springs to mind when I think of the MySQL User Conference last week is Sun's opening keynote. While talking about Sun's market penetration with open source software, Jonathan Schwartz, Sun's CEO, slipped in a short mention of the mobile market saying something along the lines of "Sun is going to be entering the mobile market later on this year". He didn't spend more than 5 seconds talking about it, moving on to the acquisition of MySQL.

    Last year, Sun

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    Solid-State Drives Press
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    I read yesterday in The Wall Street Journal an interesting article in Personal Technology, “Solid-state drives challenge hard drives in speed, but not value”. While the title does sum up nothing new, the barrier to entry to embracing new technology is always cost, and early adopters may not have deeper pockets, but it’s also about being a alpha geek.

    As the article states “Solid-state drives have some key advantages. Because that lack moving parts, they are faster, draw less power, and harder to damage and are quieter”. It also backed this up with some results.

    What I did not realize, is the new MacBook Air has a 80GB HHD version at $1,799 and as 64G SSD version at $2,798. Testing showed that there was little difference in battery life between these models, however with the

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    MacBreak missing a demographic
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