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JSON UDFs: is it hard to type keys?
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Currently, if you want to search a key using JSON UDFs you have to specify each its part as a separate argument to the function: JSON_CONTAINS_KEY(doc, 'root', 'child', 'child of child', 'child of child of child', etc.....). This way of working with parameters is easy for developer, less error-prone, but can be not very beautiful.

I was suggested by some of users to change it to '/parent/child/child-of-child/...' or to 'parent:child:child-of-child:...' There are, probably, can be other suggestions. What do you like the best? How do you feel about current style with separate argument for each key element? Should we change or extend this syntax?

New cmake options for JSON UDFs.
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Two weeks ago I announced new maintenance release of JSON UDFs: 0.2.1. It not only contains bug fixes, how you can expect from a maintenance release, but also contains improvements in build and test scripts.

First improvement is the easier way to build JSON UDFs on Windows. In the first version building on Windows was a pane: you had to build PCRE library, copy four files to directories where Visual Studio can find them and only then build JSON functions themselves. Now you can build this way too, but only if you really wish.

By default cmake will create appropriate makefiles for bundled PCRE sources and for JSON functions. …

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Last element for JSON array: what do you think?
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After I released maintenance release of JSON UDFs last week it is time to think about which features I should implement in upcoming major version.

Many users asked me about the possibility to explicitly specify if they want to append last element to a JSON array. This feature can be made for two functions: json_append and json_set.

I have four ideas of how to implement this. All have pros and contras.

  1. Create new function called …

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JSON UDF functions version 0.2.1 have been released.
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Today new version of JSON UDF functions: 0.2.1 was released. This is maintenance release which added no new functionality and only contains bug fixes. However, it also includes improvements for build ans test procedures. As usual, you can download source and binary packages at MySQL Labs. Binary packages were build for MySQL server 5.6.14. If you want to use other version of the server, you need to recompile functions.

What was changed? Let me quote the ChangeLog.

Functionality added or changed:

Added cmake option …

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To be safe or to be fast?
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When I designed first version of JSON UDFs which was reviewed only internally, I let all functions to validate input and output JSON. But my colleagues told me to remove this functionality, because it makes such functions, as json_search, json_replace or json_contains_key deadly slow if they find the occurrence in the beginning of the long document. And first published version of JSON UDFs: 0.2.0 has not this functionality. What we expected is that users would call json_valid if they want to be 100% sure the document is valid.

But I was not surprised that some users expect JSON functions to work as it was in the first …

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JSON UDFs have own category
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JSON UDFs got own category at MySQL Bugs Database: "Server: JSON UDF"

Use this category to post new bug reports and vote for …

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MariaDB Dynamic Columns client API
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I have blogged on using MariaDB Dynamic Columns already, and I hope this was useful and introduction. I have a few more things on this subject though, but one so far little known and used feature is the Client API for Dynamic Columns, see the MariaDB Knowledge Base for details. What this is all about is that Dynamic Columns were originally envisioned as a means of managing the "dynamic columns" used by Cassandra when using the MariaDB Cassandra Storage Engine. …

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JSON UDFs first feedback
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Yesterday Ulf Wendel created great blog post with deep analysis of JSON UDF functions which I presented at MySQL Connect at September, 21.

Ulf found few bugs in these functions, I reported them all at You can find numbers in my comment to his blog post. But he also raised concerns, which can not be considered pure bugs, rather feature requests, or even design especiallities.

* First concern, of course, is the documentation. Ulf writes: "Here’s what the README, the only documentation available apart from the …

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MariaDB Dynamic Columns
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MariaDB has a feature called Dynamic Columns which is not in MySQL, and this feature requires some explanation. It is used for example by the Cassandra Storage Engine, which is also unique to MariaDB, and as this is a schema-less database, which means we need a way to handle the fact that one one end MariaDB has a fixed set of columns defined by the schema, and on the other end, Cassandra provides any kind of attribute that the developer feels he wants to have for a particular "row" (which is a row in MariaDB but is not called a row in Cassandra).

But ignoring the Cassandra engine for a while, let's look at what us mere mortals, …

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JSON datatype in MariaDB prototype
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I have patched up a MariaDB version with JSON support, just for the fun of it. This is not the best version of MariaDB around, as I am not a MariaDB developer by any means, and although I have played with the MySQL and MariaDB sources before, I have never attemped to look like I know it in detail. So although this works, it's probably full of memory leaks, errors and bad code (my additions, that is).

That said, it actually works. Surprise! For a simple prototype, that is to show off a specific feature.

So, this is what I have: I grabbed MariaDB 10.0.2 sources and worked from there. To support the JSON specifics, I …

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