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A toast to Marten Mickos
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As a fitting posting for April 1, here's a video that I put together to commemorate Marten Mickos, CEO of MySQL who is leaving Sun today. It was my pleasure to work with Marten for more than five years at MySQL. He was truly a unique CEO; he followed Drucker's rules and came up with new innovative ideas that we put into action.

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There is no L in Sun’s LAMP
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Yesterday Sun introduced Glassfish Portfolio. Its a new stack of open source middleware products including Glassfish Enterprise Server, Glassfish ESB, Glassfish Web Space Server, and the new Glassfish Web Stack, which includes support for projects such as Tomcat, Memcached, Apache, PHP, Ruby and Python and a copy of MySQL Community.

It’s a pretty complete infrastructure stack. What it is not, however, is an integrated LAMP stack, despite Sun’s reference to it as such not once but twice on its press announcement.

Glassfish Portfolio runs on Linux of course, as well as Solaris, but it does not contain Linux (integrated or otherwise) or Linux services (although that is available

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Marten Mickos is leaving Sun amid reorg
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I just got news that Marten Mickos, former MySQL CEO, is to depart Sun amid a reorganisation of its infrastructure and database business units. Don’t expect an announcement from Sun on this, but the news is confirmed.

It seems that Sun is combining its Software Infrastructure organization with its Database Group to form a unified open source product group under the leadership of Karen Tegan Padir, vice president of MySQL & Software Infrastructure.

Marten will be transitioning out of Sun by the end of the company’s (current) third quarter.

Marten’s departure is a big loss for Sun and follows quickly after the departures of Monty Widenius and

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CAOS Theory Podcast 2008.12.05
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Topics for this podcast:

* Open source getting, and going without VC investment
* Oracle contributions to Linux and open source
* Sun’s latest moves with MySQL database and version 5.1
* Linux in high-end computing

iTunes or direct download (25:50, 6.0 MB)

Sun MySQL drops support for SCO OpenServer
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I just noticed that Sun/MySQL has dropped (http://www.mysql.com/support/eol-notice.html) SCO OpenServer from its list of supported operating systems for MySQL 5.1 and higher (along with Mac OS X 10.3 and QNX).

It is not a massive surprise to see MySQL doing this given SCO’s current position but MySQL teamed up (http://www.mysql.com/news-and-events/generate-article.php?id=948) with SCO in the midst of its controversial legal claims against IBM et al, so I thought the end of the deal warranted a quick mention.

At the time Marten Mickos defended the deal by claiming that he hoped working with MySQL would educate SCO’s executives:

“In a partnership you exchange thoughts,” he said. “If you exchange thoughts hopefully the other side will listen to you. We understand

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What Sun should do
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…is the title of this post written by Tim Bray a few days ago in which he outlined the directions he would like to see his employer take to improve its fortunes.

He also invited others to continue the thought process. Many have already done so (I’ll include the best in tomorrow’s CAOS Links post) and given my recent constructive criticism of Sun’s open source strategy I feel compelled to provide some answers as well as questions.

I’m sure there are lots of things Sun should be doing with relation to storage and servers and processors and client devices, but I’m going to stick to what I know. What would I do?

Light a fire under

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SQL completion in PHP strings
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NetBeans 6.5 is soon to be released. After 10 years of NetBeans that's the first version of Sun's OpenSource IDE featuring PHP support. While 6.5 is waiting to be packaged the development didn't stop and the first features for the successor, NetBeans.next, are already being developed. David Van Couvering just showed a preview of a cool new feature: SQL completion in PHP strings, if it does what the screenshot promises that's a damn great addition in my opinion....

New, New, New … News at Kickfire
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It’s been a crazy month here at Kickfire which is why I have fallen a bit behind on my postings – a new product, new customers, a new CEO, a new relationship with Sun/MySQL, a new website … and a new baby girl! Here’s a quick summary of all that has been going on:

New Product
We quietly came out of beta a month ago. After nearly two and half years in development, this is a great achievement for the company. The team took on a hugely ambitious project: to re-design how SQL is processed today to be able to deliver an order of magnitude improvement in price/performance relative to any other data warehousing solution on the market. This project involved bringing together over 50 of the industry’s smartest database and hardware engineers to build a new type of database machine that includes the world’s first SQL chip, an ultra-modern database kernel,

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Argentina Launch of MySQL: Customers, Meetings, Press
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Señoras y señores, I am happy to have been part of the MySQL launch in Argentina yesterday. Visiting Argentina has been a great opportunity to meet with the MySQL users and not-yet-users in a country with 30 degrees Celsius, with colourful houses in La Boca, with an omnipresent Diego Maradona, and only minor challenges in the form of

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The Sun Model for Open Source business is emerging
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Simon Phipps yesterday blogged about the emerging Sun Model for Open Source business:

As time has gone by, a clear “Sun Model” for open source business has been emerging, at least to my eyes. The summary of it is:

  • remove barriers to software adoption between download and deploy;
  • encourage a large and cohesive community of software deployers;
  • deliver, for a fee, the means to create value between deploy and scale, for those who need it.
  • Each software team at Sun

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    South Africa, a country on track for both growth and happiness
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    Not everything is going the wrong way on our planet. There are things that are changing for the better! And one of them is South Africa. Just back from a three-day MySQL related trip to Johannesburg and Pretoria, I saw a lot of well-founded hope around me. The hope is related to less crime, less racial tension, and more economic growth. I share the positive vibes and think they’re founded in reality.

    I was in South Africa for the yearly Sun partner event in “Sub-Saharan Africa” or SSA for short. SSA is one of the fastest-growing regions within what is known as “Emerging Markets”, which in itself grows faster than

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    More on DTrace ... and MySQL
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    Angelo recently showed an easy way to dump SQL queries using DTrace, while reading the articles I felt that some important information is missing: The name of the user executing the query and the selected database. So I sat down a few minutes and tried to collect that data.

    For the database name I found a quite simple solution: It is passed as parameter to the check_user() function to MySQL so we can easily add a thread-local variable to keep that name. Simple script for that:

    #!/usr/sbin/dtrace -s

    #pragma D option quiet

    self->db = arg4 ? copyinstr(arg4) : "(no schema)";

    printf("%s: %s\n", self->db,

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    International PHP Conference 2008
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    End October - time for the traditional meeting of the German and International "PHP family" - end of October? - Yes, the International PHP Conference is a bit earlier this year. Additonally the organizers moved the conference away from the industrial area of Mörfelden to the center of Mainz which sounds quite promising. Although I'll spend only around 24hrs at Mainz I'm looking really forward to the conference next week.

    On Thursday morning I'll give a presentation about PHP 5.3, which will be quite interesting as one of the biggest features, namespaces, is still undergoing heavy discussions and the final syntax probably won't be clear when presenting - fortunately PHP 5.3 is much more than namespaces!

    Sun will

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    David in Japan, Kaj in South Africa
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    I was booked for keynoting the second MySQL Users Conference in Japan on 30-31 October 2008. Going to Japan is always something I’m looking forward to.

    However, I won’t have that pleasure this time. I got requested to keynote a Sun partner event instead, on Tue 28.10.2008 at Kievits Kroon, just outside Pretoria in South Africa.

    For Japan, I will be replaced by nobody other than David Axmark. I’m happy he gets the opportunity to do this keynote, transitioning from his current role to a consultant next month. I hope this also gives the press an opportunity to understand David’s motivations a bit better!

    On-boarding at Sun Microsystems
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    Two month have passed since the close of the Sun-MySQL-Deal, two months of uncertainty whether it's a good idea to join Sun or not but after consulting my ElePHPant, who read the 18 pages of the contract and related documents (including MySQL termination agreement, data privacy agreement, ...), I'm quite optimistic and look ahead to a sunny future. Therefore I'll be a true Sun employee as of tomorrow, May 1st.

    Two Acquisitions of Note
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     Saw both of these on ComputerWorld:

       Oracle buying BEA

       Sun buying MySQL 


    It'll be interesting to see how this changes the landscape.


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