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Should you move from MyISAM to Innodb ?
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There is significant portion of customers which are still using MyISAM when they come to us, so one of the big questions is when it is feasible to move to Innodb and when staying on MyISAM is preferred ?

I generally prefer to see Innodb as the main storage engine because it makes life much simpler in the end for most users - you do not get to deal with recovering tables on the crash or partially executed statements. Table locks is no more problem, hot backups are easy, though there are some important things which we have to consider on case by case basics before recommending the move.

Is MyISAM used as default or as a …

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XtraDB storage engine release 1.0.2-2 (New Year edition)
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Today we announce release 1.0.2-2 of our XtraDB storage engine.

Here is a list of enhancements:

  • split-buffer_pool_mutex

The patch splits global InnoDB buffer_pool mutex into several and eliminates waitings on flush IO and mutex when there is no enough free buffers. It helps if you have performance drops when data does not fit in memory.

InnoDB has a …

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Goal driven performance optimization
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When your goal is to optimize application performance it is very important to understand what goal do you really have. If you do not have a good understanding of the goal your performance optimization effort may well still bring its results but you may waste a lot of time before you reach same results as you would reach much sooner with focused approach.

The time is critical for many performance optimization tasks not only because of labor associated expenses but also because of the suffering - slow web site means your marketing budget is wasted, customer not completing purchases, users are leaving to competitors, all of this making the …

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Recovering CREATE TABLE statement from .frm file
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So lets say you have .frm file for the table and you need to recover CREATE TABLE statement for this table. In particular when we do Innodb Recovery we often get .frm files and some mess in the Innodb tablespace from which we have to get data from. Of course we could relay on old backups (and we do ask for them for a different reason anyway) but there is never guaranty there were no schema changes in between.

So how to recover CREATE TABLE from .frm file ?

Recovering from .frm for Innodb Table

If …

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Announcing Percona XtraDB Storage Engine: a Drop-in Replacement for Standard InnoDB
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Today we officially announce our new storage engine, "Percona XtraDB", which is based on the InnoDB storage engine. It's 100% backwards-compatible with standard InnoDB, so you can use it as a drop-in replacement in your current environment. It is designed to scale better on modern hardware, and includes a variety of other features useful in high performance environments.

Percona XtraDB includes all of InnoDB's ACID-compliant design and advanced MVCC architecture, and adds features, more tunability, more metrics, more scalability on many cores, and better …

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SHOW OPEN TABLES - what is in your table cache
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One command, which few people realize exists is SHOW OPEN TABLES - it allows you to examine what tables do you have open right now:


  1. mysql> SHOW open TABLES FROM test;
  2. +----------+-------+--------+-------------+
  3. | DATABASE | TABLE | In_use | Name_locked |
  4. +----------+-------+--------+-------------+
  5. | test     | a     |      3 |          …
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Reading MySQL Enterprise future…
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Well, actually it is not reading future, but just mysql-5.1.30.rhel4.spec file from MySQL RedHat 4 SRPM.

I found there few MySQL Enterprise Editions, namely:

MySQL Enterprise Server - Advanced Edition
MySQL Enterprise Server - Pro Edition
MySQL Enterprise Server - Classic Edition

What is difference ? Let's see.

For MySQL Enterprise Server - Advanced Edition:
%define INNODB_BUILD 1

For MySQL Enterprise Server - Pro Edition:
%define INNODB_BUILD 1
So this one comes without Partitions.

And MySQL …

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When to use Hardware upgrade instead of Software Optimization
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One typical question which frequently pops up is whenever it is better to use hardware upgrade or optimize software more. I already wrote about it, for example here.

Today I'll look at the same topic from the consultants view. When consultant should suggest hardware upgrade and when it is not in a simple checklist form.

How good is hardware ? Sometimes people use so crappy hardware it would be much cheaper for them to …

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Computing 95 percentile in MySQL
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When doing performance analyzes you often would want to see 95 percentile, 99 percentile and similar values. The "average" is the evil of performance optimization and often as helpful as "average patient temperature in the hospital".

Lets set you have 10000 page views or queries and have average response time of 1 second. What does it mean ? Really nothing - may be one page view was 10000 seconds and the rest was in low milliseconds or may be you had every single page view taking 1 second, which are completely different.

You also do not really care about average performance - the goal of good user experience is majority of users to …

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MySQL for Hosting Providers - how do they manage ?
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Working with number of hosting providers I always wonder how do they manage to keep things up given MySQL gives you so little ways to really restrict how much resources single user can consume. I have written over a year ago about 10+ ways to crash or overload MySQL and since that people have come to me and suggested more ways to do the same.

This is huge hole in MySQL design, thinking little about users isolations and resource quotas and interesting enough I have not seen significant changes in fresh our MySQL 5.1 …

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