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InfiniDB Subquery Performance Profile - New with 1.1.1 Alpha
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Let's take quick look at the performance of the new InfiniDB Subquery processing available with the 1.1.1 Alpha.  The arrow was added to be sure our timings weren't confused with the axis.

This was against a relatively small dataset, the Star Schema Benchmark with 6 million rows in the fact table.  A base query was run where the outer query...

Kontrollbase – revision 297 fixes Reporter-CLI “alert_22″ sub-routine
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Quick note to let our users know that there was an XML tag closure error on the “alert_22″ subroutine in the “bin/” script. This does not affect the webapp portion of Kontrollbase – only reports generated via the command line reporter script. It is not a fatal error but will cause the XML file to […]
Kontrollbase – graph “no data to display” on new install has been fixed
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If you have been wondering why the overview and graphs pages say “no data to display” on the graphs when you first install Kontrollbase, it’s because there’s no data in the database being returned from the queries that generate the graphs – this is because a new install has no data to graph. This has […]
Having an issue with a Kontrollbase upgrade?
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If you’ve noticed that your recent upgrade did not go as planned and now the application does not load – please check this page: for notes on upgrades between versions. Typically you need to execute a SQL file against the current schema to bring it up to date. If you have any questions please [...]
Kontrollbase rev292 gets important UI layout fixes
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This is a small revision and will only be available through SVN. However, it is an important one to speak about as it solves a former issue when running the application on a screen smaller than 1024px wide. While most users may not have noticed this since they have larger monitors it has been noticed [...]
Kontrollbase wiki being migrated to Trac
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Just a quick bit of news to let you all know that additions to the standard Kontrollbase and Kontrollkit userguides are being halted while we migrate the documentation to a new wiki system run by the very nice Trac software. You will be able to access the Kontrollbase and Kontrollkit documentation at when it [...]
Kontrollbase – queries to update your max_connections alert
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If you have been reading the Kontrollbase performance reports and noticed that one alert says your connection usage vs max connections ration is too high but then recommends you to decrease the max_connections variable, then you will find this fix handy. Its two simple queries that execute on the Kontrollbase schema to update the max_connections [...]
Kontrollbase – scripts being rewritten in Python, request improvements now!
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The time has come for major performance improvements to the reporter, stats-gather, alerter, and client scripts. This means that I will be rewriting the scripts in Python. A couple of reasons for this; to cut down on the number of modules that are required for the installation process (which also makes distributing the client script [...]
Kontrollbase user’s group on
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We have a new users’s group on Brijj for anyone that wants to keep up to date with discussions and wants to increase their network profile on the site. Join now:
Kontrollbase – a simple way to install module requirements
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I’ve been looking over the documentation lately and trying to find ways to improve the installation experience for new users. That said, I’ve written a short but useful description of the easiest way to install all of the Perl and PHP requirements for Kontrollbase. You can find it here: – or in the Installation [...]
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