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Percona Server 5.1.50-rel12.1
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Dear Community,

Percona Server version 5.1.50-rel12.1 RC is now available for download.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Percona Server 5.1.50-rel12.1 is now based on MySQL 5.1.50.
  • New Features Added:
    • innodb_lru_dump_restore - Implemented automatic dumping of the buffer pool at specified intervals.
    • innodb_buffer_pool_shm - Implemented option ''innodb_buffer_pool_shm_checksum''; when enabled, shared memory buffer pool is checksum validated. This change also fixed these bugs: #643724, #649408, and #649393. (Yasufumi Kinoshita)
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Percona Server 5.1.49-rel12.0
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Dear Community,

Starting with this release, we introduce a new release model for Percona Server. From now on, we will have both Stable and Release Candidate releases. Release Candidates will introduce new features not yet available in Stable releases.

Along with new features, our new 5.1.49-12.0 RC contains a couple of patches from the Facebook-MySQL tree - . Of particular note is better integration with FlashCache.

We also introduce the very interesting new feature called ”Permanent InnoDB Buffer Pool”  (sponsored by a Well Known Social Network site). It allows you to keep the InnoDB buffer pool in memory between restarts of MySQL servers.
This can result in a significant decrease in warmup time after MySQL restarts.

Starting with

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Percona Server 5.0.90-build21
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Dear Community,

Percona Server 5.0.90, release 21 is available for use.

Comparing to the previous release it has following new features:

  • The build is based on MySQL-5.0.90

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed Bug #539190 Percona-XtraDB package doesn't allow libmysqlclient15off
  • Fixed Bug #479106 mysql-5.0.87 + patches-5.0.86 compile fail in ubuntu 9.10 (karmic)
  • Fixed tests mysql, mysql_upgrade, ssl*

See release notes for earlier changes.

RPMs and DEB packages are available in Percona repository.

As usual you

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Percona-XtraDB-9.1: released and new coming features
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Recently Alexandr announced new Percona-XtraDB-9.1 release, and now it is good time to summarize features we have and what is expected soon.

This release contains long waited features from 5.0:

  • extended slow.log

Extended slow.log is now even more extended, there is additional information for each query:

  • # Bytes_sent: 4973  Tmp_tables: 1  Tmp_disk_tables: 1  Tmp_table_sizes: 7808
  • That is you can see how many bytes was returned by query, was temporary table used,
    was it disk table or in-memory, and how big was temporary

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    Kontrollbase reporter XML Parser error has been fixed
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    If you have seen the following error on the Perf Report tab “Message: SimpleXMLElement::__construct()…” – it has been fixed in revision 281. This only affects alerts 11 and 12 so you might not run into it immediately. The solution is to either remove lines “586, 590, 639, 650″ from the bin/ file, or to run [...]
    Getting started with MySQL 5.5
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    Some time go, we announced a new release model for MySQL. As all new things, it had some initial hiccups (with MySQL 5.4 we were still getting acquainted with the new model), but now it seems to be in full swing.
    By the time you read these lines, MySQL 5.5 will be available. If the mirrors aren't seeded yet, the impatient can compile and use the new version from the launchpad source tree..


    What's this new release anyway? I'll leave it

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    Kontrollbase 2.0.1 revision 221 is available for download
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    Some good changes in this release as usual. There have been some more additions to the analytics, some speed up of the UI and login process, and some long awaited fixed for form Vtypes. In addition to those items, I’m a particular fan of the new Analytics Export tab that lets you grab all of [...]
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    Dear Community,

    As of today release 0.9.5rc is available.

    In this release there are following changes:

    • Option --no-lock is added to innobackupex-1.5.1. Use it only while ALL your
      tables are InnoDB and you DO NOT CARE about binary log
      position of backup
    • XtraBackup is ported for InnoDB Plugin 1.0.4. Barracuda file format as well as compressed tables are supported. We thank a well known Social Network site for the sponsorship.
    • Windows conscious change more
    • Impoved error messages in innobackupex
    • Windows conscious experimental change
    • Suppress purge when --stats
    • Build number in RPM name. For instance, in the name

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    Kontrollbase rev-158 available
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    This comes rather quickly as the last revision – 150 was just uploaded a few days ago. This is because there was a new method of checking config options in the bin/ scripts that utilizes the codeigniter config files instead of config.cfg in the base directory, the problem was the all of the required bin/ [...]
    Kontrollbase version 2.0.1 rev-115 available
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    The latest version is available for download. Big changes include a debug log file view tab, redesigned system management screen, authentication ACL fixes, host state fixes for server-loop, AJAX’d user/host/client pages, data grids for all pertinent tables, and a fix for the slate theme submit button. If you are running an older version of Kontrollbase I would highly recommend upgrading. I’ll be adding an “upgrade” page to the documentation today for just that purpose. Download the new release here:

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