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5 Reasons Devops Should Blog
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Join 9500 others and follow Sean Hull on twitter @hullsean.

1. Stand up and be heard

Years ago I was sitting on an online forum chatting with an Oracle buddy of mine. This was circa 1998. We were working on an open source tool to interface with Oracle. There were all these libraries, for PHP & Perl, and a lot of developers starting to build tools. We hatched this hair brained idea to write a book about all of this, and pitched it to O’Reilly. They loved it and …

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MySQL community blogging – PlanetMySQL – Part 2
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After last week’s post about bloggin trends, this week I will go through the most active bloggers over the years as well as particularly for 2010.

What is the range of time analysed here?

mysql >  select min(date_time), max(date_time) from blogs;
| min(date_time)      | max(date_time)      |
| 2004-03-04 19:47:00 | 2011-01-07 13:22:00 |
1 row in set (0.04 sec)

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MySQL community blogging – PlanetMySQL
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Phew, here we go, this blog post has been long time coming! A few months ago I started toying around with the idea of analyzing the PlanetMySQL public blog feed. It doesn’t take long to extract the data and prepare it for analysis but between lots of work and procrastination this blog post was left unfinished.

It was partly out of pure curiosity and partly the fact that it seemed to me there were less posts than previous years that I decided to trend out the number of posts over the past years and here we go.

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Welcome googleCL
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I am writing this blog post with Vim, my favorite editor, instead of using the online editor offered by blogger. And I am uploading this post to my Blogger account using Google CL a tool that lets you use Google services from the command line.
I am a command line geek, and as soon as I saw the announcement, I installed it in my laptop. …
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Four short links: 31 March 2010
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  1. ZeroMQ -- bold claim of "Fastest. Messaging. Ever." LGPL, C++ with bindings for many languages, past version 2 already. (via edd on Twitter)
  2. Prediction Market News (David Pennock) -- HSX is going to be a real marketplace with real $. The real HSX will of course say goodbye to the virtual specialist and the opening weekend adjust, two facets of the game that make it fun to play, but that …
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Announcing TokuDB 2.2.0
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Tokutek is pleased to announce the general availability of TokuDB for MySQL, version 2.2.0.  This version offers several improvements:

  • Better multi-core load balancing for concurrent workloads.
  • Faster bulk loading performance.
  • Enhanced diagnostics for easier tuning and troubleshooting.
  • Fixed all known bugs.

About TokuDB

TokuDB for MySQL is a storage engine built with Tokutek’s Fractal Tree technology. TokuDB provides near seamless compatibility for MySQL applications. …

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Using Gearman for Nightly Build and Test
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At Tokutek, Rich Prohaska used
Gearman to automate our nightly build and
test process for TokuDB for MySQL.  Rich is busy working on TokuDB, so I’m
writing up an overview of the build and test architecture on his behalf.

Build and Test Process

Rich created a script, nightly.bash, that gets kicked off every night as a cron
job.  Nightly.bash creates a separate Gearman job for each build target.
We have a separate build target (unique binary) for each combination of …

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For those who wonder why my blogging is so low these days (apart from today) .. I`m actually writing more Lines of Code than Blog Entries the last couple of weeks:)

And when I`m not writing code I`m reading :) Either proofreading an upcoming book on Zabbix or reading some of the other books Packt sent me.

Next to that I`m busy preparing …

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Announcing TokuDB 2.1.0
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Tokutek® announces the release the release of the TokuDB storage engine for MySQL®, version 2.1.0.  This release offers the following improvements over our previous release:

  • Faster indexing of sequential keys.
  • Faster bulk loads on tables with auto-increment fields.
  • Faster range queries in some circumstances.
  • Added support for InnoDB.
  • Upgraded from MySQL 5.1.30 to 5.1.36.
  • Fixed all known bugs.

About TokuDB

TokuDB for MySQL is a storage engine built with Tokutek’s Fractal Tree technology. …

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Fractal Trees May Be Useful for Making Energy-Efficient Databases
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On April 9-10 the National Science Foundation hosted the Workshop on the Science of Power Management (SciPM 2009), where I gave an invited talk. Here I give a brief summary of my talk along with a pointer to the slides.

The talk describes how MySQL with TokuDB can provide a path to more energy-efficient database implementations. It’s a theoretical talk. That is, rather than presenting results from an existing implementation, it provides food for thought about future possibilities.

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