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Hating Americans and Cats
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Most of the time I think of myself as living in a fairly progressive and enlightened world. I'm fotunate that I work with a set of wonderful people, I can travel all over the world and I'm a member of an excellent theatre company. As a result, hatred of things, or at least expressions of hatred are generally just not tolerated in any of the circles in which I run. (With the exception, of course, of things that FAIL, like a particularly bad piece of code - but even then it's less about hatred and more about not liking something that didn't work)

There are two social acceptable exceptions to that rule, though: Americans, and cats.

I was reading a blog post earlier this morning (which …

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New Planet for Theatre
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Yesterday I discovered that my friend Adrienne has a blog that I didn't know about - which is fine, because apparently it's new. But that highlighted a problem I've had in general, which is that there is no decent place to go for aggregated content of interesting artists rambling about whatever. I can certainly get local show announcements and audition announcements from Theatre Puget Sound, but that's not, you know - ART related, and it's also a bit more local than thoughts about theatre in general really need to be.
In my day-job life as an Open Source Hacker, we tend to have project-specific blog aggregators (known as …

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