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how to undelete rows from a fixed length myisam table
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You have inadvertently deleted some rows from your table and want them back. This is semi-doable with fixed row format of MyISAM. I put together a few steps, which I'll compliment with a program that does it for you, later.

  • save output of SHOW TABLE STATUS LIKE 't1' and SHOW CREATE TABLE `t1`.
  • shutdown mysql server asap!
  • backup t1.frm, t1.MYI, t1.MYD immediately
  • create a new table t1_recover, which has no auto-inc and no unique/pk.
  • remove the files t1_recover.MYD and t1_recover.MYI
  • write a C program that scans through t1.MYD reading blocks of length …

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