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Don’t Assume – Data Integrity
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MySQL has the same level of data integrity for numbers and strings as Oracle; when MySQL is correctly configured. By default (a reason I wish I knew why it is still the default), MySQL performs silent conversions on boundary conditions of data that will result in your data not always being what is specified. Let’s look at the following examples to demonstrate default behavior.

For numbers

mysql> DROP TABLE IF EXISTS example;
mysql> INSERT INTO example (i1) VALUES (1), (-1), (100), (500);
Query OK, 4 rows affected, 1 warning (0.08 sec)
mysql> SELECT * FROM example;
| i1   | i2   | c1   |
|    1 | NULL | NULL |
|   -1 | NULL | NULL |
|  100 | NULL | NULL |
|  127 | NULL | NULL |
4 rows
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