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Quote - 26 April 2007
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“The web is broken you can all go home now.”

Ramus Lerdorf — Father of PHP — MySQL Conference 2007

Quote - 25 April 2007
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?What ever advice you got, keep it to yourself, your not the target market.”

Red Hat & One Laptop Per Child UI Designer to bunch of suits - MySQL Conference 2007

Quote - 19 September 2006
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“MySQL is at the heart of revolutionary changes in the computer industry” - Tim O’Reilly

Hmmm, worthy of my Quote of the Day Section, but is it necessarily true. I believe MySQL is significant in the advancement of great opportunities in the computer industry particularly the Internet, but is it revolutionary?

The Oxford Dictionary states: revolutionary ? adjective ? involving or causing dramatic change or innovation.

Perhaps so. Any Comments Welcome.

Stolen shamelessly from the …

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Quote - 30 August 2006
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“The key, the whole key, and nothing but the key, so help me Codd!”

The database guys should like that one. Can’t remember where I saw it today to acknowledge reference.

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