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MyQuery 3.5.5 Released
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I have just released version 3.5.5 of MyQuery, which is a minor feature, cleanup and bugfix release. If you don't know MyQuery since before, this is an Open-Source Windows based MySQL and MariaDB ad-hoc query tool. What makes MyQuery slightly different from all the other similar tools is that MyQuery has a focus on SQL-scripting, allowing statements in a script to be run one at the time, to restart a script where it left of in the case of an error and some other features like this. MyQuery features colour coded syntax as it uses Scintilla for editing, and this is highly configurable. Also, multiple editing tabs are supported. Another thing that makes MyQuery stand out a bit is that it is highly flexible. If you have SQL statements that you run often to monitor the state of the server or your application, then it is real easy to implement this  [Read more...]
MyQuery 3.5.4 Released - Now with Client side dynamic columns!
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It was quite a while ago since I released a new version of MyQuery, my Windows based query tool for MariaDB and MySQL. I did build a 3.5.3 version, but I decided not to do a public release of that. But now we have 3.5.4 ready, and there is some new shiny features in it. The main feature is that the dialog that you can use to inspect individual fields with, which pops up when you doubleclick (or now you can Right-click and select Show Menu) in a field, has been expanded.

To being with, you can use this to navigate the fields, so that you don't have to close this dialog and open it in the next field, instead there are navigational buttons in the Dialog.

But there is also some additions to the dialog itself. If you are using MariaDB and the Dynamic Columns feature, which is mostly used with the Cassandra Storage Engine but can be used with any

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MyQuery 3.5.2 Beta available
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I have just posted version 3.5.2 of MyQuery on sourceforge. This version adds just one feature: The ability to run LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE and in the process adds a few features to this, such as a progess window and the ability to stop a running load.

Download and enjoy!

MyQuery 3.5.0 available
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I just made MyQuery 3.5.0 available for download from sourceforge. If you do not know about this program, this is my Windows based MySQL Query editor and database monitor program. And yes, it is Windows only.

It was a long time since I updated MyQuery, but I have been been at it for a long time, but slowly as I haven't had the bandwidth, and I have collected a few things I wanted in this release, but of all those things, many has to wait for now, as decided to add a major feature which did require a fair bit of coding and testing: autocomplete. When editing SQL statements, autocomplete for names of tables, columns etc is really useful, but it is not as easy as it sounds. What makes this a bit complicated are things like the default database (which I need to figure out for

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More on using the commandline vs. Visual editors
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Shlomi Noach has made a couple of posts (here and here) on Visual Editors vs. commandline for MySQL working with SQL statements. All in all, I tend to agree with him in many respects, but I am surprised that he recommands MySQL Query Browser, as this is the editor that breaks one of the things that seems to annoy him (and me) most: Every SQL statement that is issed uses it's own connection. Which is not to say others may feel differently about it.

As for myself, I started developing my own MyQuery tool because there are things you just cannot do from the commandline, and there are things that are really complex and

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MyQuery 3.4.3 GA Released
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I have had MyQueru 3.4.2 as beta for quite a while now. During this time, a few minor bugs has appeared, and they have now been fixed. This means I can proudly announce MyQuery 3.4.3 as GA! Download it from Sourceforge!

Except a few bugfixes, the only major change is that the NDB Monitor plugin is no longer part of the prebuilt binaries. There are three reasons for this:
  • The plugin relies on NDB API, which still is still not available from Oracle in binary form, and if they insist on not shipping these binaries, although the source exists, I have to assume they do not want me to use them.
  • I just can't be bothered to build MySQL luster form source, just to get these binaries.
  • The way Windows binaries are built with NDB is not properly documented, so I had to guess and use some

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MyQuery 3.4.0 Released!
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I have not finished MyQuery 3.4.0, after a long time of weekend and spare-time development. This version adds some features that are basically Scintilla featires that I have integrated with. This includes error indicators, margin markers and some other things. In particular the margin markers changes a few things in the interface: When running up to, or continue from a point in teh script, then use the margin marker instead of the current line! If you don't like this, then don't set the margin marker and the current line will be used just like in old releases.

Another addition this release is Online help. I get the help contents from the database that you connect to, which is installed with most MySQL installations in the tables called help_xxx in the mysql schema.

External program has a few more

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Moving on, but not far
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As of today I have a new employer, and I no longer work for MySQL / Sun / Oracle, instead I am now Database Architect at Recorded Future ( This is exciting stuff, really so. RF pulls data from teh Web, but instead of just allowing searching, RF will analyze what it find to spot trends and things like that.

It is still early days, we need to collect a lot more data than today, and managing that will be one of my challenges. But an interesting and fun challenge!

This doesn't mean I will not maintain MyQuery anymore, I sure will. And Recorded Future is by the way MySQL users, so I will probably work even more with MySQL related stuff than today. I will also continue to blog about what we are doing, and about other database related

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Nice little tool
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I wanted to play with the new version of MyQuery that was just released. In order to use it, I needed to use a ssh tunneling tool. I have used various hacks in the past but I wanted something that was at least moderately well done.

A bit of googling uncovered Bitvise’s Tunnelier. It is a free for personal use tool that is designed just for tunneling. It seems to handle it with some aplomb. Ten minutes after I downloaded it, I was online with a remote server using MyQuery.

If you are using a Windows desktop and want to use some of the various graphical client programs that don’t include port forwarding this could very easily fill your needs. I just wish I had found it a long time ago.

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