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Ineffective concatenated indexes
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In MySQL significant performance improvements can be achieved by the correct use of indexes. It is important to understand different MySQL index implementations and one key improvement on indexes defined on single columns is to use multiple column or more commonly known concatenated indexes.

However it’s also possible to define ineffective indexes. This example shows you how to identify a concatenated index that is ineffective.

CREATE TABLE example (
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Understanding Different MySQL Index Implementations
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It is important to know and understand that while indexing columns in MySQL will generally improve performance, using the appropriate type of index can make a greater impact on performance.

There are four general index types to consider when creating an appropriate index to optimize SQL queries.

  • Column Index
  • Concatenated Index
  • Covering Index
  • Partial Index

For the purpose of this discussion I am excluding other specialized index types such as fulltext, spatial and hash in memory engine.

Example Table

For the following examples, I will …

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