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Finding and killing long running InnoDB transactions with Events
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I’ve seen a number of solutions for finding long …

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MySQL system status snapshots using the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent
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MySQL Enterprise Monitor collects a huge amount of information about MySQL and the systems that it runs on. To do this, it employs an “Agent” to collect these statistics.

This can either sit locally to the database server, or on a remote host – perhaps even the same host as the Dashboard server if you decide …

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A morning hack - Com_change_user
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So after I published my patch last night, another of my colleagues - the esteemed Shane Bester - pointed out that there is a related bug - Bug#28405 - which requests that Com_change_user is also split out from Com_admin_commands.

So I extended my patch this morning, to kill two birds with one stone:

=== modified file 'sql/'
--- sql/
+++ sql/       2010-03-03 09:57:40 +0000
@@ -3131,6 +3131,7 @@
   {"call_procedure",       (char*) offsetof(STATUS_VAR, com_stat[(uint) SQLCOM_CALL]), SHOW_LONG_STATUS},
   {"change_db", …
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I reported a bug about SHOW BINLOG EVENTS not working with relay logs a couple of years ago - Bug #28777.

It’s now been fixed in MySQL 5.4, by adding a new SHOW statement - SHOW RELAYLOG EVENTS.

The replication team are really hammering through things at the moment - Kudos!

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