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[edit] MySQL bit_count() function does what it is supposed to do
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From the MySQL manual:

Returns the number of bits that are set in the argument N.


I thought that meant that it returned the number of bits which needed to be set in order to store the value. To store 2^32 you need 33 bits of storage, with only one bit /set/. I expected 33 instead of 1.

#tested on 5.0.45 and 5.1.32-community
mysql> select i, pow(2,i), bit_count(pow(2,i)) from pow2;
| i  | pow(2,i)   | bit_count(pow(2,i)) |
|  1 |          2 |                   1 |
|  2 |          4 |                   1 |
|  3 | …

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