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MySQL Cluster Configurator v3
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Version 3.0 of the severalnines/Configurator has been released:

  • Improved scripts (a lot of cleanup), prefixing the script output with the hostname:
    Cluster: Cluster Start
    ps-ndb01: Starting management server (nodeid=1)
    ps-ndb01: Copying ../config/config.ini to /etc/mysql
    ps-ndb01: Started management server (nodeid=1, pid=28253)

  • Reduced number of scripts --> …

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MySQL Cluster 7.0.9b in Configurator and Sandbox
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Configurator and Sandbox scripts are updated to use 7.0.9b.

You are recommended to upgrade!

Upgrade can be performend using these scripts:
Binary distribution - Upgrade script from 7.0.* -> 7.0.9b is here.
Source distribution - Upgrade script from 7.0.* -> 7.0.9b is …

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Upgrade to 7.0.8 (with the Configurator)
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MySQL Cluster 7.0.8 was released as a source distribution 30th of Sept 2009. You should upgrade if you can build from source or use the Configurator.

See below how to upgrade when using the Configurator.

7.0.8 contains a number of fixes in almost every area and you are recommended to upgrade if you experience problems with earlier version(s). Especially if you have encountered the "error 306" …

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Upgrade to 7.0.7 (with the Configurator)
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MySQL Cluster 7.0.7 was released as a source distribution 1st of Sept 2009. You should upgrade if you can build from source or use the Configurator.

The Configurator v2.9 has been updated to use this version.

If you are already using the Configurator and build from source you can upgrade from MySQL Cluster 7.0.6 to 7.0.7 (and you are recommended to upgrade because of the following …

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How to upgrade from 6.3 to 7.0
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In order to upgrade from 6.3 to 7.0 you must follow these rules:

  1. IT IS ONLY POSSIBLE TO UPGRADE FROM 6.3 to at least 7.0.6!
  2. I would recommend to upgrade from 6.3.x to 6.3.latest before doing the upgrade. If the upgrade does not work then and you have a good config.ini , you have probably hit a bug.
  3. You cannot upgrade from 6.3 to the multi-threaded binary of 7.0.6 in one go.
    You have to upgrade from 'ndbd' (6.3) --> 'ndbd' (7.0.6)
    Then you can do 'ndbd' (7.0.6) --> 'ndbmtd' (7.0.6)

So don't try to …

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Online configuration update and a new script
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If you are using the scripts from the Configurator (and yes, the broken link is now fixed so it is actually possible to get the config package..), and want to tweak your configuration on a started Cluster then you can do like written below.

There is also a new script in Configurator 2.2 (released 28th April 2009, PST1153AM , GMT07:53) that lets you check the values of different config parameters. Its use is described below.

Pretend we want to extend the DataMemory from 1024M to 1536M:

  1. cd …

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Easiest way to try out new MySQL Cluster 7.0.5
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Here is how to install and start MySQL Cluster 7.0.5 in eight steps:

  1. Go to the configurator and setup the configuration you wish to have. Make sure you select "MySQL Cluster 7.0.x" in the first drop down.
  2. Copy the package you either download or receive by email to one of the computers that will run one of the management servers.
  3. tar xvfz mysqlcluster-70.tgz
  4. cd mysqlcluster-70/scripts/install

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Configurator - new version 2.1
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The Configurator has undergone some serious fixing as 2.0 had some issues.
Here is a brief list of the enhancements:

  • error handing and progress reports - I have rewritten almost all scripts with better error handling and progress reports. E.g, if a node fails to start during a rolling restart, then the rolling restart script is aborted and you get a suggestion how to recover. If you run on an already started cluster, it will refuse to run. There are many more changes like this to check the status of the nodes (both data nodes and sql …

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