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Follow Up - Question of Speed and Technological Progress
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Well, the servers we bought (Dell R200) were in fact very cheap. We were using 2 of them and they could not stack up to 4-5 year old servers (Dell 1750 and 1850) which have SCSI hard disks. 
I added a 4 year old Dell 1850 with SCSI disks next to the 2 R200's which were all connected to a separate server running pound load balancer. The total number of maximum concurrent connections tripled.  The Dell R200's cannot actually take SCSI/SAS drives (unless you go buy a proper controller). By default, they can only take Nearline-SAS which I heard is not something you would want for a web server.
I would have to say that I am putting the blame on the SATA drives. I would have thought that by now, SATA drives would be as fast as old SCSI drives, but I guess not.Apart from that, I am still surprised that the new R200's with EIGHT

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