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Interview with Giuseppe Maxia "the datacharmer" about MySQL Connect
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Keith Larson: Thank you for allowing me to do this interview with you. What have you and Continuent been up to lately?

Giuseppe Maxia:  Hi Keith. It's my pleasure.  I (and the whole team at Continuent) have been quite busy releasing version 1.5.1 of our flagship clustering and HA product, Tungsten Enterprise. Apart from the pleasure of the growing business that makes us all very happy, we enjoy the rare geeky joy of working at a product at the highest levels of innovation and technical effectiveness.

 I am also happy, at a personal level, because my current job keeps me in touch with the MySQL community. The products …

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Interview with Ronald Bradford about MySQL Connect
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Ronald Bradford,  an Oracle ACE Director has been busy working with  database consulting, book writing (EffectiveMySQL) while traveling and speaking around the world in support of MySQL. I was able to take some of his time to get an interview on this …

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More Oracle ACEs for MySQL
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As Keith announced today, there are two more Oracle ACE Directors for MySQL expertise. In case you are wondering how an ACE Director compares to a regular ACE, here is an overview and some FAQ.

New Oracle ACE Director
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A few days ago Oracle offered me a position of Oracle ACE Director, and I accepted it. Thanks Oracle. I'm glad to see that Oracle has evaluated my activities and we can have a good relationships each other. Oracle has been great for MySQL so far and I'd be happy to keep contributions.

Since I live in Tokyo and my native language is Japanese, I usually do community activities in Japanese (speaking at conferences in Tokyo, publishing books written in Japanese, etc). I'd like to do more in English, and my employer DeNA thankfully supports it. …

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Joining the Oracle ACE program
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A few days ago I received an invitation to join the Oracle ACE program, which is a group of strong community enthusiasts and advocate of Oracle products.
Since I have been a vocal member of the MySQL community for years, I welcome this acknowledgment as well as I appreciated being nominated MySQL Community Contributor of the Year in 2006. Unlike …
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Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Wrap-Up – from an #ODTUG Perspective
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Oracle OpenWorld 2010 is over!  While I had to leave early Tuesday (the paying job takes precedence over the volunteer job), there are many things to talk about that happened while I was at OpenWorld this year.  I’ll attempt to cover a few of them in this posting.

Saturday Night, the ODTUG Board and YCC staff got together to discuss our plans and obligations for the week.  With Sunday User Forum, MySQL Sunday, and Oracle Develop to attend to during the week, along with many other meetings, this was an important start to the week.  It was nice for everyone to see everyone again, and to recharge and energize for the tasks …

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Log Buffer #137
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This is the 137th edition of Log Buffer, the weekly review of database blogs. Dave Edwards is enjoying a week off, and so as part of my plot to take over the world, I am writing this week’s Log Buffer.

First, the fun stuff: Josh Berkus tells us that the American English Translation of the Manga Guide to Databases is available in Japanese Fairies and Third Normal Form.

Then, the basics:

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