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How to Move Your Web Server With No Downtime
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How do you move your web servers to another location with no downtime?
The answer: the magic of MySQL Master-Master Replication
So, we are in the process of moving our web servers to another location. As usual, we would prefer to move them without anyone really noticing. What we have done is set up a skeleton of web servers in the new location as well as one database server.
Now the trick is, to move without …

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SSH Tunneling between databases with MySQL
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Dear Lazyweb

I saw recently an interesting installation at a company. This company had databases in two different locations and they established a connection using SSH tunneling.

The thing that looked very interesting to me is, they setup a dedicated machine that had a MySQL instance on it. That database was mostly empty, but it had a port open on that machine that is a "virtual" tunnel. This allowed you to connect to the databases in the second location but it seemed as if the database is local to the network.
I believe this opens up a SSH tunnel and from my first impressions, it appears to be the case. My question is, how is that setup?

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