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New Job announcment!
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Some news about a change in my career path that I've been meaning to announce. I now have moved on from Lycos and now work for NorthScale Inc!

In parting Lycos, I'd like to thank them for the great challenges I had while there. I designed and developed, along with my team members in the web publishing and support from the OPs group, PHP offerings for Tripod users, a long-awaited feature that premium users can use to install numerous PHP applications. Also, with that was a great interface I developed for installing applications. It required some work on the applications themselves to make them as easy to install as possible (similar to APS). The other task while there was to switch Tripod and Angelfire blogs from Oracle to MySQL. Thank you Lycos -- It was a pleasure working with all of you!

Now, I'm excited to announce I'm working with NorthScale. This is a great team of people --

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Working at Lycos
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I started my first day at Lycos yesterday. I've met a lot of really nice and talented people already and am enjoying myself. The environment here is very well-organized and very conducive for communication and exchanging ideas. It'll be a big change coming from a startup with a few people where I was *the* database guy to being at a larger organization (around 80 or so people) where they have different groups to handle all the different parts of the organization. Having people who set up servers so I can focus on development will be a big change. I don't mind doing that kind of work, but when you have do develop applications as well as manage the entire database-- anything that blows up on the database or network, you have to fix which can make it hard to focus. They have entire OPs group here to take care of that! I keep feeling like I have to worry about the database... post-DBA trauma. I'm sure I'll still  [Read more...]
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